From starting Essential Print Services over eight years ago, Yvonne has gone on to not just build a well known, highly regarded and successful local business as a solo-entrepreneur, but also notch up an incredible number of outstanding achievements and accolades along the way…

Not just a devoted and passionate business owner, Yvonne is a UK Small Business Champion who has been invited to Downing Street twice in recognition of her entrepreneurship. She’s a non-executive board member of Marketing Derby, regularly features in the Derby Telegraph Inspirational 250, has been featured in Forbes Magazine, is the founder of the Derby Hub and has made the shortlist in the 2019 Great British Entrepreneur Of The Year Awards (winner yet to be announced) – and that’s just to name a few!

In this candid and refreshingly open interview, Yvonne shares the truth about what it’s really like to start and run your own business in a jam-packed interview that covers a lot of ground – from her experience of being thrown into the role of a business owner and dealing with the challenges that come with it, to making business fun and knowing which opportunities are worthy of your time.

I thoroughly enjoyed this deep and wide-ranging conversation with a truly inspirational and entrepreneurial business woman and I know that you’ll feel the same way too.

So, sit back, relax, click the play button below and get ready for The Truth About Business…




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Yvonne’s LinkedIn: @YvonneGorman

Essential Print Services LinkedIn: @EssentialPrintServicesDerbyLtd

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Resources Mentioned:

Hal Elrod – The Miracle Morning

Daniel Priestly – Oversubscribed

Show Notes:

[02:00] Yvonne describes the meaning of a “Print Evangelist”

[03:00] Yvonne talks about where her career first started out and what her passion is

[04:07] Yvonne explains how she never envisioned being a business owner at the beginning

[06:00] How an early mentor helped Yvonne to change her outlook on life

[08:00] Why you should never be afraid to ask for help

[09:15] The series of events that led to Yvonne launching Essential Print Services

[14:01] How Yvonne felt about handing in her notice and starting out on her own

[15:00] What the first day of being a business owner felt like for Yvonne

[16:07] What the first 12 months of being in business as a solopreneur were like

[17:36] Yvonne talks about her initial struggles with taking time off and how talking to someone helped her to progress

[19:23] How implementing a “not to do list” helped Yvonne to prioritise and hire her first member of staff

[20:45] Yvonne talks about what she’d do differently if she could start again

[22:00] The challenges of being the sole owner of the business and how Yvonne deals with them

[25:00] Yvonne talks about which attributes have contributed most towards her success

[28:00] Why helping others is such a passion of Yvonne’s and how it makes her feel

[29:00] How Yvonne differentiates Essential Print Services in a highly competitive market

 [31:40] The importance of making people smile and happiness in business

[36:02] How Yvonne refocuses in challenging times and deals with feeling overwhelmed

[36:00] How journaling helps Yvonne to reflect on all of her achievements and deal with problems

[42:00] What Yvonne likes to do in her down time and the difficulties with “switching off”

[45:00] Books that Yvonne would recommend and the life-changing power of the “Feedback Exercise”

[49:45] Yvonne’s involvement with the “Happy Café” and how it came about

[53:45] How Yvonne manages to cram so much into every day

[56:00] What Small Business Saturday is, why local business should take part and how Yvonne became a Small Business Champion

[59:00] How Yvonne was shortlisted in the 2019 Great British Entrepreneur Of The Year Awards

[01:03:20] How to decide which opportunities are worthy of your time and which ones you should say no to

[01:04:40] Why charities and non-profit should think about how they approach potential donors and how to do it effectively

[01:06:47] What Yvonne feels the biggest misconception about being a business owner is

[01:07:47] Yvonne’s definition of success

[01:09:00] The one piece of advice that Yvonne would pass on to her 21-year old self

[01:09:50] What the future looks like for Essential Print Services

[01:12:00] Why looking after current customers is just as important as finding new ones

[01:13:00] How to connect with Yvonne and the Print Angels