I’m going to kick-start this series with a short but sweet first episode. 

This show is a brief introduction to who I am and why I made it my mission to bring you brilliant interviews with inspirational business champions and entrepreneurs to help you stay inspired, motivated and fast-track your business growth.

If you’re already in business or one day aspire to be your own boss, this series will be a must listen as I bring to your the truth about business, from the business men and women who are out there in the trenches, making big things happen right now!

I hope you enjoy the first show and I look forward to you joining me on what is no doubt going to be an exciting journey!




First things first, “Thank you!” for taking the time to check out my site!

It’s my sincerest hope that you not only enjoy your time here, but you actually get something productive out of your visit too!

If you’re wondering what this site and my “Truth About Business” series is all about, and why I started it in the first place, then you’ve come to the right place.

To begin with, I thought it might be useful to give you a little bit of background on me, Benjamin Brain.

A lot of people ask me if that’s my real name, and the answer is “Yes“, it most definitely is.

It may have been a name that had me cringing in my younger years whenever I was introduced to a new group of people, but it looks like it might finally be starting to pay me some dividends – only time will tell…

Anyway, at the time of writing this I’m the Director of a family business that was started by my father and his business partner over fifteen years ago.

I’ve been involved in the business pretty much since I left college, fourteen years ago, working my way up from being given a desk, a phone and a call-out sheet, to holding the position that I am now privileged to have now.

And despite leaving a couple of times over the years for, how could I put it, a “change of scenery”, I have always found my way back.

I love what I do, I love the people I work with and I love the experience that the role brings and the opportunities I’ve been granted as a result.

I think it’s fair to say that I’ve been an avid “student” of business, sales, marketing and self-development for well over a decade.

The result of that is thousands of pages read, hundreds of hours of audiobooks and podcasts listened to, countless youtube videos watched, dozens of seminars attended and many hours spent “one-on-one” with a variety of different business coaches.

And whilst there is no doubt that my fairly tenacious thirst for knowledge has helped me to mould myself into a better business person and fast-track my own career as a result, I recently became aware that there was a small issue with much of the above.

And that is, that for many of those “teachers“, they have never actually started a business in the real world and defied all the seemingly unsurmountable odds that are stacked against them to make that business a real success.

Despite being a fairly “unsociable” person (I’m “work” and “family” and I’m perfectly happy with that) and a bit of an introvert, a couple of years ago I decided to reach out to a few other local business owners to start our own monthly “mastermind” type event (we call it the “Masterbrain”).

And the stories, trials, tribulations, hardships and lessons shared by those real-life business owners who are battling every day to make amazing things happen for the businesses they had started from nothing were by far the most powerful I have heard.

After those thousands of hours of learning from years gone by, these stories are the ones that had the most profound effect on me – more so than many of the strategies, tactics, plans etc. preached in the many thousands of books, podcasts, seminars etc. etc. available.

And so, I decided to make it my mission to seek out other local business “champions” and engage in brilliant interviews to share their failures, triumphs, habits and tactics with other like-minded business people – such as you and our audience – who may already be in business, or are thinking of starting one.

My hope is that you’ll be able to take advantage of the many years of real-world business experience that my guests have so that you can fast-track your own growth – by utilising what works and avoiding the mistakes made by those that have already trodden a similar path before you!

And finally, I want to address what tends to be the elephant in the room when it comes to things like this.

You may be thinking, “how does Ben make any money from this?

Simple…. I don’t.

And usually, that would be followed by some sort of elaborate “twist”, but genuinely, as I sit here and type this, I have no expectation of generating any sort of income from this project.

Here’s why….

Firstly, I’m already involved in a business that I thoroughly enjoy and I have no intention of sacrificing that. So I have no “need” to make any income from this project and whatever I produce.

I already live a great life with an amazing partner, two wonderful kids and my two little dogs.

For those of you that have experienced the blessing of having children (and it doesn’t always feel that way!), you might agree that they take up a WHOLE lot of time.



In fact, apart from going to sleep and going to work, you really have little time for anything else!

At least that’s my experience (but it’s worth every minute!).

However, they’re now both at an age where I’m starting to get back a bit of free-time in the evenings to do my own thing.

Unfortunately, I cannot just sit there and watch television all evening.

A lot of people, millions in fact, are perfectly happy with that choice and that’s absolutely fine by me – different strokes for different folks…

But personally, I tend to find that unless I am doing something “productive” and working towards my goals, I start to get restless. Almost like a sort of anxious feeling – I’m sure that some of you reading this will be familiar.

So I decided to devote some of my free-time to creating this project – “The Truth About Business“.

The beauty of it all is that it’s something I’m extremely passionate about and really enjoy, so benefitting financially is right at the bottom of the priority list.

Some people like to play sport, some like to play computer games, others like to “binge-watch” on Netflix – I just love “Business“.

Plus, it fits in perfectly with the 10 or so hours a week I have to invest in a project of my own without adversely affecting (too much!) the other areas of my life that are important to me.

Are there benefits for me other than money? Sure….

Firstly, I will hopefully get to expand my network in a massive way and have the chance to spend some quality time with a lot of amazing people.

That is something money cannot buy.

I also get to test and sharpen my skills in the online world and push myself outside of my comfort zone on a regular basis, which can only be good for my own self-development.

Even as I’m typing this now, I’m feeling slightly nervous about publishing, what I would consider to be, a relatively personal blog post for the whole world wide web to see.

We all get those feelings of “what will people think of me?“, “what if it’s not perfect?” “what if nobody ever reads it?” etc. etc. but one of the things that I have already learned is that if you’re passionate about something, you put those feelings to one side and just do it!

So here goes…..

Once again, thank you for taking the time to visit my site, AND read this blog post (you’ve done well to get this far!).

I wish you the very best of luck and I hope that no matter how small – in some way, shape or form – the content here helps you to reach your business goals!

Stay hungry, stay focused and get out there & make it happen!

To your business success!

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