Welcome to episode 31 and in this week’s brilliant business interview you’ll discover the following three entrepreneurial insights;

1) The power of focusing on one social media platform when building your presence, but the risks that also come with putting all of your eggs in one basket.

2) The consequences of being an extremely driven entrepreneur and why taking some time out to reflect, refocus and relaunch is essential.

3) Why you must be “obsessed” to build a great brand and business.

So, stay tuned for all of that and so much more on this week’s episode of the truth about business!

In today’s episode, I talk business with Wade Smith.

After not really knowing in which direction he wanted to take his life, Wade found himself on a marketing apprenticeship where he earned just enough money to get by.

Desperate to be able to provide for himself and his partner Megan, they borrowed £10 from their Grandad to make a batch of 12 doughnuts that they sold to a friend through Facebook for £10.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

Today, Doughnotts has become a confectionary sensation that has swept through the Midlands, with four stunning locations and a social media presence of over 100,000 followers.

Wade and Megan have turned that borrowed £10 into a £1.6 million business empire and this is the story of how it all began.

To find out more about Wade and the delicious treats brought to you by Doughnotts, check out the “Connect With Wade” section below.

This was an honest, raw and real insider look into what it takes to build a successful business including all of the trappings that come with it, but also the sacrifices, hardships and unexpected challenges that the team at Doughnotts have battled through to become the business they are today

You know, success leaves footprints…

So, let’s take a walk with the Co-founder of Doughnotts and master baker extraordinaire, Wade Smith.



Connect With Wade:

Wade’s LinkedIn: Wade Smith

Wade’s Instagram: @wadey_doughnotts

Doughnott’s Website: DoughnottsOfficial.com

Doughnotts Instagram: @doughtnotts_official

Doughnotts Facebook: @Doughnotts

Notable Quotes:

“Doughnotts would be nothing without the marketing”

“You’ve got to have a start time and end time as a Director”

“The problems never go away, you just get better at dealing with them”

“Hard work beats talent”

“You need to become obsessed with what you’re doing. Never see it as a chore. Love it, learn everything about it and best the best at it”

“Don’t get wrapped up in small details. Tick the big things off”

“Everyone wants to talk about how much they’ve made. Nobody wants to talk about how much they’ve spent”

“The wolf who’s climbing up the hill is always hungrier than the wolf that’s on top of the hill”

“If it’s not a definite YES, it’s a no”



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