Welcome to the truth about business where it’s my mission to seek out real life business champions and explore and share their challenges, setbacks, failures and triumphs to serve as inspiration, motivation and help other like minded business people and entrepreneurs like us to fast track our own success…

In this episode, we talk to Tina Clough.

As well as being a fantastic, award-winning entrepreneur and passionate businesswoman, Tina is the founder and owner of the well known and highly regarded PR Agency, Poppy PR.

After quitting her job in the midst of the recession and starting with nothing, almost a decade later Tina and her poppies are thriving, despite not receiving the support initially of family and friends around her.

This is a brilliant story of determination, a huge will to prove others wrong and a shining example of what can happen when you believe in yourself and are prepared to put in the work.

Amongst many other things in this episode you’ll learn:

1) The biggest mistakes businesses make when it comes to PR and how to give your own a healthy boost.

2) The advantages of starting a new business in the middle of a recession

3) How Tina got her mojo back after the difficult birth of her daughter and the misconceptions people have about new mums in business

And there is so much more…

This was another brutally honest and candid interview with an inspirational business champion which I thoroughly enjoyed and I hope you do too.

To find out more about Tina, all the links to get in touch can be found in the “Connect With Tina” section below.

You know, success leaves footprints…

So let’s talk a walk with a great entrepreneur and PR Guru, Tina Clough.

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Connect With Tina:

Poppy PR Company Website: Poppy-PR.co.uk

Poppy PR Twitter: @Poppy__PR

Poppy PR Facebook: @PoppyPRDerby

Tina’s LinkedIn: @TinaClough

Resources Mentioned:

(Book) The Secret – Ronda Byrne

The Guardian “PR Stunts Of Our Time” Article

Nottingham Trent University Journalism Course

Show Notes:

[02:22] A summary of what Poppy PR is all about

[03:01] Tina talks about her career leading up to the launch of the Poppy PR

[08:00] Tina talks about the turning point when she realised she had to start out on her own and the reactions of family and friends

[09:45] Tina’s path from making the decision of being her own boss to launching the business and finding her first clients

[11:50] Tina talks about her family history in business

[13:30] How Tina stayed positive when there were doubters

[14:33] Tina talks about how she was able to separate Poppy PR from the competition

[17:29] Where the name “Poppy PR” came from

[19:15] Tina talks about her biggest challenge during the first year

[20:00] Tina expands on some of the sacrifices that she had to make

[22:44] Tina talks about bringing on board her first employee

[25:30] Tina talks about moving into her first premises

[27:30] Some of the lessons Tina has learned since hiring her first member of the team

[29:20] Tina talks about some of the stranger stories she’s covered

[31:46] Tina talks about her most successful stories

[34:00] Where businesses go wrong with PR

[36:00] Tips to help businesses improve their own PR efforts

[37:46] Tina talks about where businesses get it wrong with social media

[39:50] The benefits of working with a great PR agency

[41:30] Is the saying “there’s no such thing as bad PR” true

[44:06] Tina talks about her ultimate lesson learned since being in business

[45:43] Tina talks about the benefits of launching a business in a recession

[47:47] Tina talks about the attributes she believes are required to be successful in business and the type of people that she surrounds herself with

[52:00] Tina talks about the power of her referral system

[52:40] Tina talks about her biggest challenge in business so far

[55:00] When it’s right to let a client go

[55:27] Tina talks about her proudest moment in business so far

[56:40] Tina talks about loosing your mojo, how to get it back and why passion for what you do is critical

[58:20] The one business book that Tina would recommend and what she took from it

[01:00:16] The challenges that Tina faced after giving birth to her daughter and how it didn’t go to plan

[01:02:00] How Tina got her mojo back after experiencing testing times

[01:04:00] Tina talks about becoming the first PR Lecturer at Nottingham Trent University

[01:08:27] Tina explains how she decides what and who to say “yes” to

[01:11:06] The one thing that Tina would tell her 21-year old self

[01:11:55] How to get into PR with no prior experience or qualifications

[01:14:40] Tina talks about her plans for the future

[01:15:15] How to get in touch with Tina and the team