Welcome to “The Truth About Business” where it’s my mission to seek out real life business champions and explore and share their challenges, setbacks, failures and triumphs to serve as inspiration, motivation and help other like minded business people and entrepreneurs to fast track their own success…

In this episode, we talk business with Tamsin Wheatcroft of Tamsin Wheatcroft Property & Financial Services Recruitment.

As the owner of a dynamic and fast-paced recruitment business, Tamsin helps owners of some of the top independent estate agency and financial businesses in the region to hire the very best people and save huge amounts of time in doing so.

This isn’t Tamsin’s first business.

Since the age of 21, Tamsin has been a serial entrepreneur and has defied the odds to build three successful businesses. She’s clearly doing something right and that’s all revealed in this brilliant interview with another great entrepreneur and real-life business champion who is out there making it happen right now.

Amongst many other business gems dropped in this conversation, you’ll learn three things including:

1) The key attributes that are required to start and maintain a successful business.

2) How to make better decisions when it comes to recruiting.

3) How Tamsin stands out and wins in an extremely competitive industry.

And there’s much more too!

You know, success leave footprints..

So let’s take a walk with seasoned businesswoman and recruitment extraordinaire, Tamsin Wheatcroft.

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Connect With Tamsin:

Tamsin’s Website: TamsinWheatcroft.com

Tamsin’s LinkedIn: @TamsinWheatcroftMIRP

Tamsin’s Instagram: @TamsinLorna1973

Tamsin’s Facebook Page: @TamsinWheatcroftLimited

Resources Mentioned:

RSVIP Networking Website

Xero Accounting Software Website

(Book) Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway – Susan Jeffers

Show Notes:

[02:04] Tamsin tells us what her business is about

[02:29] Tamsin takes us back to the beginning of her career

[05:24] How Tamsin showed early entrepreneurial signs

 [06:13] Tamsin talks about her family history of business owners

[08:00] The event that sparked Tamsin’s desire to be her own boss

[09:00] The biggest challenge for Tamsin starting out in business for the third time

[10:00] Tamsin describes her vision board and how it keeps her motivated

[12:37] Where Tamsin found her first client and why networking was crucial

[14:25] Tamsin’s top tips for getting the most out of networking

[15:30] Tamsin describes how the first 12 months of the business went

[16:37] Tamsin talks about her proudest moment during the first 12 months

[17:27] The reasons that Tamsin focuses solely on the property and financial sectors

[18:20] How Tamsin differentiates herself from the competition

[21:45] Tamsin talks about her social media strategy and how she generates business through it

[25:58] The attributes that Tamsin feels have contributed most to her success

[27:30] Tamsin talks about the attributes she looks for in people to join her team

[29:00] The positives and downsides of being a sole business owner

[30:26] Tamsin talks about what she would do differently if she could start again

[32:21] Tamsin talks about the biggest recruitment mistakes she sees companies making

[33:06] The differences in attitude for the younger generation coming in to work

[35:00] Tamsin talks about what businesses can do to attract the best candidates

[36:00] How to see past the candidate in the interview, and see the real version of them

[37:00] Should trusting your “gut instinct” be a part of the recruitment process

[38:19] The two types of people that Tamsin looks out for for her estate agency and financial clients

[39:40] Tamsin shares advice on how to hire your first employee

[40:59] The advantages of working with a specialist recruiter

[43:06] The attributes that Tamsin feels are required to be successful in any business

[44:00] The misconceptions people have about being a business owner

[44:47] Tamsin talks about some of the sacrifices she’s had to make to be successful in business

[47:21] How Tamsin deals with the challenging times in business

[49:48] Tamsin talks about her favourite business book and her reading habits

[50:23] Tamsin talks about her biggest success in business so far

[52:15] The biggest challenges that Tamsin deals with in business

[54:22] How Tamsin deals with non-payers

[55:10] What Tamsin likes to do when she gets some down-time

[56:04] The time that Tamsin gets up in the morning

[56:40] What Tamsin would tell her 21-year old self

[57:00] Tamsin talks about what the future looks like for her business

[58:53] How to get in touch with Tamsin and the team