In this week’s episode, which is one of my personal favourites so far, you’ll discover…

1. How to find your North Star and why every business should have one

2. Susan’s golden triangle of the three tick boxes you must have checked before launching on your own

3. The two types of leader that every business needs

So listen below for all of that and much, much more on this week’s episode of “The Truth About Business”….

In this week’s jam-packed episode, I talk business with Susan Hallam MBE.

Susan is the founder and CEO at Hallam, which is a digital marketing agency based in Nottingham City Centre.

Having started the business almost twenty years ago, Susan and the team at Hallam are a major force to be reckoned with in the digital marketing world, winning many prestigious awards over the years including just recently being named as Google’s top digital agency in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

As well as being a top influencer and leader in the internet world and frequent key-note speaker, Susan is a Freeman of the city of London and was also awarded an MBE in the 2018 Queen’s New Years Honours for her services to entrepreneurship and innovation.

To find out more about Susan and the services of Hallam, contact details can be found in the “Connect With Susan & The Team” section below.

When Susan first agreed to feature as a guest on the show, I knew I was in for an amazing interview and Susan did not disappoint.

We manage to condense 20 years of business wisdom and experience into this episode and after hearing Susan speak so passionately about business, it’s no wonder that Hallam are not only incredibly successful but have also stood the test of time with almost 20 years in business under there belt and are still going stronger than ever.

You know, success leaves footprints…

So let’s take a walk with a truly inspirational entrepreneur and internationally recognised digital marketing expert, Susan Hallam MBE.

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Connect With Susan & The Team:

Hallam’s Website:

Hallam’s Twitter: @HallamInternet

Hallam’s Facebook: @HallamInternet

Susan’s LinkedIn: @SusanHallam

Resources Mentioned:

Advanced Dynamics (The Example Of A Company Doing Digital Marketing Really Well That Susan Mentions)

Hallam’s Blog

(Book) Rocket Fuel – Gino Wickman & Mark C Winters

Show Notes:

[03:47] Susan explains how she became a “Freeman Of The City Of London” and what it means

[05:23] Susan talks about the speciality of her and the team at Hallam

[06:03] Susan explains some of the benefits that companies that get it right should experience and some of the things we should know, but don’t

[08:45] Susan talks about a company that you wouldn’t traditionally associate with digital marketing who have seen huge results and a couple more great examples for listeners to look at

[11:42] Susan expands on some of the mistakes businesses make when it comes to digital marketing

[12:30] Susan summarises two great suggestions for listeners to take stock of when implementing digital marketing

[13:27] Susan talks us through her business journey to launching Hallam

[15:38] Susan talks about some of the best advice she received when she was starting out

[17:25] Susan shares when she first realised she had a passion for all things digital

[18:58] Susan expands on the trigger moment when she realised that she had to start out on her own

[20:38] Susan explains why she hadn’t thought of becoming an entrepreneur earlier in life

[21:22] Susan talks about the importance of having a supportive partner in the early stages

[22:00] Susan details how she knew there was a market for the business and how she marketed herself in the early days

[23:38] Susan explains what a “North Star” is and why every successful business needs one

[24:50] Susan talks about the three key things you must have if you want to build a company that lasts

[26:06] Susan talks about her biggest challenge during the initial stages of launching her business

[29:48] Susan explains when she started to bring her first employees on board why speculating to accumulate was key to her growth

[32:00] Susan shares the lessons she’s learned around hiring and retaining great people

[35:41] Susan talks about Hallam’s “The Greatest Place To Work” programme

[37:20] Susan talks about the future plans for her and the team at Hallam

[39:30] Susan expands on a typical day in her life and the things in her routine that are important to her

[41:32] Susan talks about the activities that she likes to engage in in her down time

[42:33] Susan expands on some of the most decisions she’s had to make in business so far and the lessons she learned

[43:31] Susan talks about the parts of business that she really enjoys

[44:00] Susan talks about the parts of business she’s not so keen on and why every successful business needs two types of leader

[45:05] Susan talks about the attributes she feels are required to succeed as a business owner and those that have contributed towards her own success

[46:40] Susan expands on some of the misconceptions and mistakes that first time entrepreneurs fall into the trap of making

[47:40] Susan tells us some of the benefits she’s experienced by being an entrepreneur and business owner

[47:20] Susan talks about some of the downsides of being a business owner

[49:30] Susan share some of her worst entrepreneurial mistakes so far and the lessons she learned

[50:48] Susan expands on where her drive and ambition comes from and some of the similarities amongst other successful business owners

[52:18] Susan shares the best advice she’s received and why it’s so important

[53:05] Susan tells us the one piece of advice she would pass on to her 21 year-old self

[53:30] Susan shares the one business book she’d recommend

[54:26] Susan tells us what she would title a book about her own business journey

[54:57] Susan talks about the importance of having mentors and coaches and what the difference is between the two, but also why we should be looking to help out others

[57:00] Susan shares the one resource she’d recommend

[57:54] Susan summarises and shares the three pieces of advice she’d pass on to someone who was about to start out in business

[58:55] Susan shares where we can connect with her and the team online