Today’s guest is Sarah Moore, founder and co-Director of the Derby based business, Juggling Octopus. Sarah and her team provide tailored, remote support to businesses – taking care of the projects, tasks and work business owners don’t know how to do, don’t have the time to do or simply don’t want to do…

Having spent a number of years in in the fast paced and high-pressure world of corporate London, Sarah decided that it was time to take control of her own destiny and launched her business from scratch in Jan 2018.

20 months on and the business is going from strength to strength, providing a number of tailor made and high-quality solutions which are enabling businesses from all over the UK to focus on what matters and reach their full potential.

This was another great, wide ranging conversation where we covered how Sarah managed to get the business off the ground, top tips for hiring remote workers, some of the many lessons she has learned along the way and much more.

You know, success leaves footprints….

So let’s take a walk with local entrepreneur and founder of Juggling Octopus, Sarah Moore



Connect With Sarah & The Team:

Juggling Octopus:

Sarah’s LinkedIn: @SarahMoore

Juggling Octopus LinkedIn: @JugglingOctopusBusinessSupport

Juggling Octopus Twitter: @JugglingOctopus

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Resources Mentioned:

Napoleon Hill – Think & Grow Rich

Andy Bounds – The Snowball Effect

Show Notes:

[02:00] Sarah Explains where the name Juggling Octopus came from.

[02:50] Why Sarah always strived to work hard regardless of the role.

[04:40] Sarah talks about the reasons she decided to become a business owner.

[05:52] Sarah digs into why she chose the type of business she went into.

[07:45] The series of events that led up to Sarah launching Juggling Octopus.

[09:15] Why fear is a good thing and how it helped Sarah when starting out.

[10:40] Sarah talks about why you must have absolute belief in yourself.

[11:44] The Facebook post that “officially” launched Juggling Octopus.

[12:35] The services that Sarah’s business provides and why she chose to do it that way.

[13:40] How Sarah found her first client.

[14:20] How the first 12 months differed to how Sarah had planned it to go.

[16:00] How to say no to clients aren’t right for you and why it’s important .to do so

[18:43] Sarah talks about hiring her first member of the team.

[19:40] The attributes that Sarah looks for in a new recruit.

[21:00] Sarah’s top tips for working with remote workers.

[24:29] Why a lack of delegation will hold your business back.

[26:25] How Sarah differentiates Juggling Octopus from the competition.

[28:03] Sarah talks about her vision, purpose and values and why they’re not essential when you’re starting out.

[30:20] Sarah’s shares what she’s learned about recruiting team members.

[32:30] The advantages and disadvantages of being a sole business owner.

[34:00] Sarah talks about Juggling Octopus’ recent relocation.

[36:20] The value of time in business.

[37:50] Sarah talks about why she feels why some businesses plateau .

[39:20] Why Juggling Octopus is on a continuous growth spurt.

[40:30] The advantages of taking the time to map out your business processes and how the team do it at Juggling Octopus.

[42:20] Sarah talks about the impact reading has had on her business journey and her “paperclip” system.

[45:00] The lessons Sarah took from the classic “Think & Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill and how it’s changed her approach to setting goals.

[47:32] Sarah talks about the influential people she follows and looks up.

[48:00] Sarah talks about another book that has made a big positive impact in her life which is “The Snowball Effect” by Andy Bounds.

[49:33] Sarah explains her proudest moment in business so far.

[50:58] What “imposter syndrome” means to Sarah and how you can overcome those feelings.

[52:25] How Sarah approaches challenging events and times and why it’s important to maintain a positive frame of mind.

[54:02] Sarah talks about what she thinks is the biggest misconception about being a business owner.

[54:57] Sarah talks about some of the home truths about launching a business and some of the sacrifices she’s had to make.

[57:30] The one piece of advice that Sarah would pass on to her 21 year-old self.