In this week’s episode you’ll discover a great business story and some fantastic insights including…

1) How a clever twitter software hack helped this week’s guest to build a business whilst at Uni full-time.

2) Why knowing yourself and how to handle that is crucial to being successful in business

3) Some vital hiring lessons learned after trying to scale a business too quickly.

So, stay tuned for all of that and much, much more on this week’s episode of the truth about business…

In this week’s episode, I talk business with Rob Twells.

Rob is the co-owner of Frogspark, which is a highly regarded and successful web development and digital marketing agency based in Derby.

Rob started the business with his best friend when they were still full-time at University and after many sleepless nights and some clever software creation, they managed to build a sustainable business that they were ready to attack head-on once both had finished at Uni.

Five years later and they now have a team of 12, have built a very impressive portfolio of clients and have just celebrated six consecutive years of financial growth, posting a 118% profit growth over the last 12 months alone – without ever having to borrow a penny – and Rob is still only in his mid-twenties.

To find out more about Rob and the team, contact details can be found in the “Connect With Rob” section below.

This was another brilliant interview with a truly inspirational young entrepreneur who has a business mindset and outlook on life that far outweighs his years and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

You know, success leaves footprints…

So, let’s take a walk with an ambitious and driven entrepreneur and co-owner of Frogspark, Rob Twells.

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Connect With Rob & The Team:

Frogspark’s Website:

Frogspark’s Facebook: @Frogspark

Frogspark’s Twitter: @FrogsparkAgency

Frogspark’s Instagram: @FrogsparkAgency

Rob’s LinkedIn: @Rob Twells

Resources Mentioned:

Rob’s Blog & Podcast:

Rob’s Recommended Book: The Chimp Paradox – Prof Steve Peters

Rob’s Recommended Resource: Google Calendar

Show Notes:

[03:28] Rob talks about the speciality of his business, Frogspark and the types of results businesses should expect when working with a company of this type.

[04:50] Rob talks about what people should know about his area of expertise, but don’t.

[05:50] Rob talks about some great examples of businesses that get his area of expertise right.

[09:24] Rob talks about some of the reasons why businesses don’t take advantage of digital marketing.

[11:36] Rob suggests how we can improve our own marketing efforts with a few basic ideas.

[12:47] Rob talks about his journey leading up to the launch of the Frogspark.

[15:38] Rob gives some insights into setting up a business whilst at University and also going into business with a friend.

[17:34] Rob talks about how they came up with the name for the business and why they opted for a business name rather than naming it after themselves.

[19:23] Rob shares some of his entrepreneurial traits from his younger days

[20:50] Rob talks about his family history of business owner.

[21:50] Rob talks about how he was able to leave from Uni and start up in the business full-time and a clever piece of software they used to generate a healthy bank of clients.

[23:30] Rob talks about how he was able to drum up business as a new entrant and how networking, and being yourself, was key to their early success.

[27:10] Rob talks about the biggest challenge he faced during his first 12 months and the difficult decision to bring on board their first employee.

[29:00] Rob talks about his recruitment policy, the changes he’s made over the years and the attributes he looks for when bringing somebody on board.

[30:50] Rob talks about how he’s able to attract good people and keep them once they’re on board.

[33:50] Rob talks about the part of business that he enjoys the most and the areas he’s not particularly fond of.

[35:42] Rob talks about one of his fondest moments of being in business so far.

[37:36] Rob talks about the one thing he’d do differently if he could start again.

[39:11] Rob talks about the future aspirations and direction of Frogspark and his own personal ambitions.

[41:45] Rob describes how a typical day pans out for him and the routines that he follows.

[44:30] Rob talks about how he’s now able to switch off in his down-time and how he got there.

[46:12] Rob talks about his biggest challenge in business so far and treading the thin line between being liked and being respected.

[48:45] Rob talks about the attributes he feels are required to be successful in business.

[49:40] Rob talks about some of his own attributes that he feels have contributed towards his business journey so far.

[50:25] Rob talks about some of the misconceptions and truths about business that people aren’t always aware of.

[53:20] Rob talks about some of his worst entrepreneurial moments, what he learned from them and how they made him better.

[54:28] Rob talks about some of the best advice he’s received over the years.

[55:18] Rob talks about the one book he’d recommend, The Chimp Paradox.

[56:54] Rob talks about the one piece of advice he’d give to his 21 year-old self and whether he’d have continued if someone had told him how the next few years would pan out.

[58:12] Rob talks about why he’d call a book about his own journey in business so far, “Manage Yourself”.

[01:00:00] Rob talks about who he finds inspirational and who motivates him.

[01:02:04] Rob talks about some of the phrases and quotes that he likes to live his life by.

[01:03:06] Rob talks about the one app he’d recommend and why he keeps it simple.

[01:05:00] Rob summarises the three pieces of advice he’d pass on to someone who was about to start in business.

[01:05:30] Rob tells us where we can connect with him and the team online.