Welcome to “The Truth About Business”, where it’s my mission to seek out real life business champions and explore and share their challenges, setbacks, failures and triumphs to serve as inspiration, motivation and help other like-minded business people and entrepreneurs like us to fast track our own success…

In this week’s episode I talk business with Owen Conti.

Owen is the Derby entrepreneur and businessman behind IT services provider Code 56.

Owen’s ethos is that IT is not just about technical equipment, like much of business, it’s about solving problems and he believes big things can happen when business owners start to realise that technology should be viewed as a force multiplier, rather than a necessary evil.

As well as being awarded the Marketing Derby rising star for 2018, Code 56 is also a UK Small Biz 100 representative in this year’s nationwide celebration of small businesses.

Amongst many other things, in this episode, you’ll discover

1) Why growing as quickly as possible is not always the best option for new businesses

2) The common mistake that businesses of all sizes make when it comes to their IT

3) Why it’s important to strive for your definition of success, rather than everybody else’s

And there is so much more.

To find out more about Owen and the team, all the links can be found in the “Connect With Owen” section below.

This was another brilliant interview with yet another inspirational business champion that I thoroughly enjoyed and I hope you do too.

You know, success leaves footprints…

So, let’s take a walk with IT whizz and incredibly astute businessman, Owen Conti.

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Connect With Owen:

Code 56 Website: Code56.co.uk

Owen’s LinkedIn: @Owen-Conti

Code 56 Twitter: @Code_56

Facebook: @Code56ltd

Resources Mentioned:

Small Business Saturday UK: https://smallbusinesssaturdayuk.com/

Derby Small Business Saturday event: https://derbyhub.co.uk/events/event/small-business-saturday-uk-stronger-together/

Code 56 “Ask Us Anything” event: email ask@code56.co.uk

(Book) The E-Myth (Revisited) – Michael E. Gerber

(Book) Keys To Success – John Timpson

Show Notes:

[02:24] A summary of what Owen and the team at Code 56 do

[03:10] Owen’s background up to the launch of his business

[06:30] When Owen realised he had a passion for IT

[07:50] Owen talks about the family business history and how his childhood effected his drive and work ethic

[10:00] Owen talks about the origins of Code 56 and how it developed

[13:00] Owen talks about why luck doesn’t exist in business

[14:00] Owen talks about the lead up to the launch of his business

[15:40] How networking helped Owen to get off to a great start and how his approach to it has evolved

[21:46] Owen talks about how it felt to be his own boss in the early days

[22:40] The story of the name behind the business, Code 56

[25:00] Owen talks about the biggest challenges he faced during the first 12 months

[28:21] Owen talks about his aspirations and goals for Code 56

[29:50] Why scaling a business as quickly as possible isn’t always the right thing to do

[30:55] Owen talks about the biggest mistakes companies of all sizes make when it comes to IT

[33:45] Why technology should be seen as a force multiplier

[36:30] Some of the benefits a business should experience from working with a business like Code 56

[38:46] Owen talks about the UK SmallBiz 100 campaign and why local business should get involved

[42:40] Owen talks about a typical day in his life

[43:25] Owen talks about his biggest lesson learned in business so far

[44:20] Owen talks about “Imposter Syndrome” in business and how he deals with the negative thoughts that may occur from time to time

[47:45] What Owen likes to do in his spare time to take his mind of business

[49:42] Owen talks about the important attributes and beliefs required to be successful in business

[51:13] Owen talks about the misconceptions people have about being a business owner

[52:11] The sacrifices Owen has had to make to get Code 56 to where it is now

[54:47] The one piece of advice Owen would pass on to his 21-year old self

[55:07] Owen talks about the most important part of his journey in business so far

[59:00] Owen talks about the business book he’d recommend if he could only pick one

[01:01:00] Where you can find Owen and the team at Code 56