Welcome to episode number 30 and in this week’s brilliant business interview you’ll discover the following three business insights;

1) A simple play on words that led to a 600% increase in sales.

2) Are there really any friends when it comes to building a successful business?

3) The upsides and downsides of building a business with your family.

So, stay tuned for all of that and so much more on this week’s episode of the truth about business

In today’s episode, I talk business with Michael Brain, who is also my Dad.

Michael is the Co-Founder of the successful, Derby born & bred and nationally acclaimed estate agency firm, “Hannells” which provides people focused services in residential sales, residential lets and student lettings.

The “eureka” moment came for Hannells back in 2003 after Michael and his business partner (then wife), Alison, were watching a TV programme about estate agents which mentioned in the end credits that there were no qualifications required to start out on your own.

That triggered a sequence of events and 17 years later Hannells has grown exponentially, only to then be hit hard by a devastating recession, weathered the downturn, recovered and grown again, has had numerous members of the family join, some only to leave and then come back again AND has won multiple outstanding awards including being named as the very best estate agency in the country at the 2019 EA Masters Awards.

To find out more about Michael and the services provided by Hannells, check out the “Connect With Michael” section below.

This was another brilliant interview with, dare I say it, an inspirational entrepreneur who embraces going against the grain and has no problem ruffling a few feathers along the way.

And for the first time Michael shares his own story, the challenges he faced and the lessons he learned along the way including a few home truths about working with family thrown in for good measure.

You know, success leaves footprints…

So, let’s take a walk with the Co-Founder of Hannells Estate Agents and my old man, Michael Brain.


Before we do, I want to give a quick shout out to Ali West who left a brilliant 5 star review on iTunes for the show.

He said:

“I listen to many podcasts and this one is awesome! I recently listened to Benjamin’s podcast with Matt Elliott. I really enjoyed the questions asked and the way Benjamin got his guest to open up and provide great insights into business. This podcast is packed full of value. I highly suggest you give it a listen and subscribe! Keep up the great work!”

Thanks for your great comments Ali, clearly a man of good taste and is also a fellow podcaster who specialises in health, fitness and wellbeing with “The Kinetic Fitness Show“.


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Connect With Michael:

Hannells Website: Hannells.co.uk

Michael’s LinkedIn: /in/MichaelBrain

Resources Mentioned:

(Book) Losing My Virginty – Richard Branson

Notable Quotes:

“Arrogance is confidence only business people can understand.”

“There’s no friends in business, you have to be selfish and look out for yourself.”

“Most people will follow in the footsteps of others to be successful, but the art to success is to create your own path for others to follow.”

“If you’re going to copy a business, be better at it.”

“If you’re not failing, you’re not an entrepeneur.”

“50% of our marketing is phenomenal, we just never know which 50% it is.”



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