I couldn’t have picked a better guest for our first podcast episode and I’ve been really excited to get this uploaded!

It’s absolutely jam-packed with business experience, wisdom and a few home-truths that might be hard to hear, but is the reality of being a business owner – and that’s what this series is all about – hearing how it really is from those who are living it right now.

So, I’m delighted to bring to you a fantastic interview with Mr Mark Averill.

After having started out in the automotive industry with the likes of Toyota and BMW, Mark has an amazing real-life story of what can happen when you pursue your dreams and give it everything you’ve got.

From being employed, to a self-employed photographer to co-founding ‘AV IT Media, a Derby based media powerhouse that is literally taking the industry by storm, this is one you’re not going to want to miss.

You’ll discover the huge power of regular networking and how to do it effectively, you’ll hear about the sacrifices Mark has had to make to build his media empire and also what it really takes to be successful as your own boss and SO much more, this really was a great interview and I hope you enjoy every minute as much as I did.

Just a quick word of “warning” – with this being my first podcast episode and being on a VERY steep learning curve, the audio for the interview with Mark isn’t “perfect” at certain points – but it’s definitely more than passable so don’t let that put you off!

Click the play button below and get ready for The Truth About Business…




Connect With Mark & The Team At ‘AV IT:

Web: AVITMedia.co.uk (relaunch soon!)

Instagram: @AVITMediaOfficial

Twitter: @Derbyphotos

Mark’s LinkedIn: @MarkAverillDerby

Show Notes:

[03:44] The early signs of Mark’s entrepreneurial flair through selling modified Nokia’s as a kid

[04:03] Did Mark always have aspirations to be a business owner and where his career started

[05:50] When it dawned on Mark that he needed to be his own boss and how it happened

[07:30] How mark first started to turn his passion into an income stream

[09:00] What it really takes to follow your passion and why it might not be for everyone

[10:20] Why a strong phonebook is so important when starting out on your own

[11:38] Why being your own boss isn’t as glamorous as social media would have you believe

[13:30] Mark’s first networking event and how he became (in his own words!) a “networking tart”

[17:45] Mark’s top three beginner tips to get the most out of networking and why it’s not rocket science

[22:45] Why Mark pushes himself to constantly feel uncomfortable

[24:20] How Networking can give you a head-start to being your own boss when you’re employed by someone else

[26:10] How Mark transitioned from being employed to self-employed

[29:00] Why you shouldn’t wait for circumstances to be perfect before starting on your own

[32:00] Why you must have self-belief to start and the event that sky-rocketed Mark’s

[39:00] Why working for free can sometimes pay massive dividends later on

[44:00] How Mark deals with the times when things become overwhelming

[46:00] Mark talks about some of the sacrifices he’s had to make to grow ‘AV IT and why it can be a lonely journey

[52:00] Mark’s take on work-life balance and whether there’s such a thing in his world

[58:00] How ‘AV IT Media and the partnership between Mark & Ash was born

[1:01:00] Mark’s take on the foundations of a successful business partnership

[1:05:00] Mark’s biggest successes so far

[1:07:05] Mark’s one piece of advice to his 21-year old self

[01:08:50] What Mark might do if he were to start his self-employed journey again

[01:10:00] What Mark thinks is the biggest misconception about being a business owner

[01:13:00] Mark’s plans for the future of ‘AV IT Media

[01:16:00] How Mark keeps himself motivated