In this week’s episode you’ll discover these three transformational business and life insights from an inspiring and passionate entreprener:

1) Why you should forget New Year’s resolutions and opt for sticky goals instead – and achieve them every time.

2) Why we should set out to live each day with intention and how procrastination keeps us chained to the past.

3) Why the five people you spend the most time with will either propel your forward or hold you back from ever reaching your potential.

So, stay tuned for all of that and so much more on this week’s episode of “The Truth About Business”…

But before we do, I just wanted to give a shout out to “N Cupit” who was kind enough to leave an amazing five star review on iTunes recently. The review said:

A fantastic insight into the careers of some of the most inspirational business leaders in the local area. Interviews are very well conducted and structured, I genuinely look forward to the latest podcast being released each week!

“Thank you!” so much for such a great review, it genuinely does make my day and this is definitely going to be another episode that was worth the wait!

So, in today’s interview I talk business with Kul Mahay.

After a distinguished 32-year career in the UK police and climbing the ranks to be one of the most senior Asian officers in the force, Kul left it all behind to start out on his own and pursue what he believed to be his true calling.

Fast forward four years to today and Kul is now an international professional speaker and leadership coach working in both private and public sector organisations, he’s a mentor, a sought after life coach, a published author and also holds a transformational annual event in Derby called “Ignite Your Inner Potential” which is set to attract an audience of over 450 people this coming January 2020.

In this jam-packed interview, Kul and I cover a LOT of ground with Kul sharing many amazing and massively impactful strategies and concepts to help you grow your business, live a better life and access that untapped potential that we all have hidden within us.

To find out more about Kul, his events and the services he provides, all contact details and links can be found in the “Connect With Kul” section below.

This was another brilliant interview with a truly inspirational entrepreneur that given the fast approach of 2020, could not have been better timed to help you set up for making it your best year yet.

You know, success leaves footprints…

So, let’s take a walk with the empowering and engaging, international leadership and executive coach, Kul Mahay!

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Connect With Kul:

Kul’s Website:

Kul’s LinkedIn: @KulMahay

Kul’s Facebook: @KulMahayOfficial

Kul’s Instagram: @KulMahay

Book Tickets For “Ignite Your Inner Potential”: Ignite Your Inner Potential

Rescources Mentioned:

(Book) 7 Habits Of Extremely Effective People – Steven Covey

(Book) Intentional Living: Choosing A Life That Matters – John C Maxwell

(Book) Smash The Habit: 16 Steps To A New Life – Kul Mahay

Show Notes:

[04:22] Kul talks about his expertise in emotional intelligent leadership.

[05:00] Kul explains the definition of emotional intelligence and the four key quadrants it’s composed of.

[08:34] Kul talks about what can happen when businesses get emotional intelligence right.

[10:58] Kul talks about where he sees businesses going wrong when trying to force emotional intelligence.

[13:44] Kul talks about why financial incentives and rewards are only temporary.

[14:30] Kul talks about some of the ways organisations are [doing great work in creating an emotional intelligent and connected business.

[17:15] Kul talks about the first steps we can all take to becoming more emotionally intelligent and why you must look within first.

[20:05] Kul talks about how talking to his team when he was in the police force, on a daily basis was a non-negotiable and the benefits it brought to the business.

[23:08] Kul talks about how to make time to talk to your staff and the differences between “urgent” and “important” work.

[26:22] Kul talks about why you should avoid New Year’s resolutions, what you should do instead and how to build discipline.

[30:00] Kul talks us through his own goal setting process and how he’s able to tick off 21 challenging goals per year.

[37:25] Kul talks about his career in the Police force leading up to the launch of his business.

[40:40] Kul talks about the series of events that led him to discovering the importance of creating a great mindset and realising his true purpose in life.

[43:00] Kul talks about the mental & mindset issues we all struggle with.

[43:55] Kul talks about the failure of his first venture and the lessons he learned.

[47:11] Kul talks about the roles he held in the Police force and what his responsibilities were.

[49:22] Kul talks about what held him back from becoming an entrepreneur earlier in life.

[50:07] Kul talks about the reasons why he eventually decided to leave the Police.

[54:28] Kul expands on how he knew there was a market for the services he wanted to provide.

[55:36] Kul talks about how he found his first clients and his best source of business in the early days.

[57:20] Kul talks about the one thing he would do different if he were able to start again and the difference he thinks that would have made.

[59:07] Kul talks about his proudest moment in business so far with the launch and growth of his annual “Ignite Your Inner Potential” event.

[01:02:20] Kul talks about why it’s never too late to start living your best life.

[01:05:00] Kul talks about the biggest challenge he’s faced in business so far and why it’s important to work with people who hold the same values.

[01:06:30] Kul talks about some of the attributes he feels are required to be successful in business, including why a growth mindset is so important.

[01:08:40] Kul talks about the way he gave up many vices and bad habits overnight and how we can all do the same thing.

[01:10:45] Kul expands on why procrastination is a disease that keeps us chained to the past.

[01:11:00] Kul talks about the benefits of being a business owner.

[01:12:29] Kul talks about some of the challenges business owners face and how to beat them.

[01:14:12] Kul talks about some of the sacrifices he’s made and why it’s critical that we let go of the people around us that hold us back.

[01:17:50] Kul talks about a couple of potential television projects that are currently in the works.

[01:20:16] Kul talks about the best advice he’s ever received and the importance of living with intention.

[01:22:20] Kul shares his “four quadrants of potential” concept.

[01:24:00] Kul talks about the one piece of advice he’d pass on to his 21-year old self.

[01:24:00] Kul shares the three pieces of advice he’d pass on to someone about to start out in business.