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The Truth About Business is back with a bang and in this week’s episode you’ll discover the following three business insights;

1) How transitioning from being the technician to an entrepreneur totally revolutionised our featured guest’s mindset and changed his business for the better.

2) Why it’s important not to get distracted by big headline numbers and lose focus of the one that really matters – profit.

3) The two things you can never get wrong with your employees or you run the risk of losing them forever.

So, stay tuned for all of that and so much more on this week’s episode of The Truth About Business…

In this week’s episode, I talk business with Kevin Huffington.

Kevin started out his career in the military going on to serve in the Gulf War and, amongst other roles and responsibilities, becoming an arctic combat instructor.

His passion for health and fitness saw him become the champion of the popular TV fitness competition on ITV, “Bodyheat” back in the 90’s and he then followed that up with becoming an audition finalist for the “Gladiator” tv series.

Working his way into the health sector, Kevin went on to launch the Central Health Network which is today a nationally recognised and award-winning healthcare provider with a team of over twenty employees and several locations providing services such as physiotherapy, occupational health services, osteopathy and podiatry across the east midlands for both the public and private sectors.

To find out more about Kevin and the services his team provides, his contact details can be found in the “Connect With Kevin” section below.

As with all businesses, Kevin’s journey has not been without his fair share of challenges and major lessons learned along the way and he spills all the beans in another brilliant interview with an inspirational entrepreneur who has managed to figure out the work-life balance dilemna that so many of us struggle with.

You know, success leaves footprints…

So, let’s take a walk with a passionate entrepreneur and owner of Central Health Network, Kevin Huffington.

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Connect With Kevin:

Central Health Network Website: CentralHealth.org.uk

Kevin’s LinkedIn: @KevinHuffington

Resources Mentioned:

(Book) The E-Myth (Revisited) – Michael E. Gerber

Show Notes:

[03:40] Kevin talks about his business speciality, occupational health.

[04:30] Kevin talks about the benefits business experience from getting occupational health right.

[06:00] Kevin talks about where businesses go wrong with occupational health and one piece of advice to help business owners do it better.

[08:35] Kevin talks about his career leading up to the launch of Central Health Network.

[13:15] Kevin talks about whether he had ever seen himself as a business owner before launching and his television fitness achievements.

[14:38] Kevin talks about the various events Central Health Network has sponsored in Derby and why he chooses to invest doing so.

[17:30] Kevin talks about the time when he realised that he needed to restructure the business and the results that it has brought about.

[20:30] Kevin talks about why recruitment is key to enable you as the business owner to work on the business, instead of in it.

[25:57] Kevin talks about some of the changes that he made when he became the sole business owner and the early lessons he learned.

[29:34] Kevin talks about why it’s important to seek advice and the differences between how he worked early on versus how he works now.

[31:52] Kevin talk about the services that he’s introduced and how he knew there was a market for them.

[34:25] Kevin talks about how he separates himself from other competing businesses.

[35:30] Kevin talks about how he came up with the name for the business.

[36:25] Kevin talks about making his first hire and how his recruitment policies have changed.

[38:00] Kevin talks about the important of adding value in whatever role you’re in.

[43:17] Kevin talks about the biggest challenge he faced when he took over the business as the sole owner.

[45:30] Kevin talks about the key lessons he’s learned about managing people in the right way.

[46:49] Kevin talks about his proudest moment in business so far.

[48:21] Kevin talks about the one thing he’d do different if he could start the business again.

[48:40] Kevin talks about the future plans for Central Health Network.

[50:22] Kevin talks about his daily routines and how his day differs to how it did when he first started out.

[54:40] Kevin talks about the attributes he feels are required to be successful in business.

[55:40] Kevin talks about what motivates him and where his drive comes from.

[58:25] Kevin talks about the benefits of being a business owner.

[59:00] Kevin talks about the one piece of advice he’d give to his 21 year-old self.

[59:30] Kevin talks about the one business book he’d recommend and the lessons he took from it.

[01:00:47] Kevin talks about the title he’d give a book written about his own business journey.

[01:02:35] Kevin talks about his top three pieces of advice he’d pass on to someone about to start in business.

[01:03:36] Kevin talks about where we can find him online and how to get in touch.