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In this week’s episode I talk business with Jonny McPhee.

Jonny is the founder of Invictus Communications who provide telecoms services to many of Derbyshire’s best-known businesses.

After spending his early career honing his telesales skills, Jonny launched Marketing Mole, a specialist appointment booking business which grew to a team of over 22 people, which he eventually sold at the age of 26.

After returning back to employment, Jonny took stock of the lessons from his previous entrepreneurial adventure and made a conscious effort to build a business that suited his own skills, his lifestyle and one that he can wake up and be passionate about every single day.

Amongst many other things in this episode, you’ll discover these three golden nuggets;

1) Some of Jonny’s closely held secrets for getting past the “gatekeepers” on the phones

2) How he won clients and built his business in a fiercely competitive market

3) Why Jonny believes that we should all buy, sell and support local

And there is SO much more!

To find out more about Jonny and the team, all of Jonny’s contact details can be found below in the “Connect With Jonny” section.

This was another brilliant interview with yet another inspirational business champion that I thoroughly enjoyed and I hope you do too.

You know, success leaves footprints…

So, let’s take a walk with telesales veteran and well-known telecoms entrepreneur, Jonny McPhee.

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Connect With Jonny:

Invictus Communications Website: InvictusComms.com

Jonny’s LinkedIn: @JonnyMcPhee

Resources Mentioned:

Derbyshire Top 200 Companies 2019

(Book) The Secret – Rhonda Byrne

(Book) The Magic – Rhonda Byrne

Show Notes:

[2:40] Jonny talks about how he got his first job.

[3:00] Jonny talks about his career leading up to the launch of Invictus.

[8:30] Jonny talks about his buy local, sell local support local ethos.

[09:30] Jonny talks about his drive from a young age to be an entrepreneur.

[10:30] Jonny talks about transitioning from self-employed back to employed.

[11:00] Jonny talks about where the name “Invictus” came from.

[11:30] Jonny talks about how he separated himself from competitors and how he won his first customers.

[13:15] Jonny talks about the change in market that prompted him to change the setup of his business and streamline.

[14:54] Jonny talks about the challenges he faced during the first 12 months.

[15:00] Jonny talks about how he’s able offer the services of a large organisation, being a team of three.

[16:47] Jonny talks about the attributes he looks for in people to bring on to the team.

[17:44] Jonny talks about the future plans for Invictus.

[18:37] Jonny talks about the mistakes businesses make with their telecoms.

[22:00] Jonny talks about the benefits of working with a customer focused telecoms business.

[22:50] Jonny talks about the key skills required and top tactics to be successful selling over the phone and getting past the gatekeeper.

[27:40] Jonny talks about how he decides which charities, events and businesses to support and the benefits that sponsoring brings to the business.

[30:17] Jonny talks about how he schedules his week.

[31:12] Jonny talks about how networking has added an additional revenue stream for the business.

[32:00] Jonny talks about the challenges he has with staying focused and how he deals with it.

[33:09] Jonny talks about the attributes that he believes have contributed to his success.

[33:50] Jonny talks about the pros and cons of being a business owner.

[34:47] Jonny talks about why he has kept his overheads to a minimum from day one.

[35:50] Jonny talks about what motivates him.

[36:25] Jonny talks about how he overcomes the time when his self-worth isn’t where he’d like it to be.

[37:52] Jonny talks about which parts of business he enjoys the most.

[38:57] Jonny talks about what he’d tell his 21-year old self.

[39:55] Jonny talks about his favourite business book and what he took away from it.

[41:00] Jonny talks about what he likes to do in his free time.

[42:00] Jonny summarises with three pointers that he’d give to anyone about to start out in business.