In this episode, Eddie Smith from Euro Projects Recruitment shares some of his best tips for facilitating a first-class interview with a job candidate for a position in your family business…

Welcome to The NXTGEN Show, where it’s usually my mission to share the stories and experiences of next generation leaders in family run businesses from around the world.

This week’s episode of The NXTGEN Show is a slightly different format to the usual.

For regular listeners, you’ll know that this show is all about great conversations with the next generation leaders of family businesses – and that’s going to continue. I’ve got some AMAZING guests lined up ready to share their own story, insights and experiences.

But on top of that, if the opportunity to share some useful information that might be of service to next generation leaders in their first senior management or leadership role comes up, I’ll be sharing that through the podcast too!

For any business, recruitment plays a key part in it’s success. And one of the activities that you might start having to engage in as a leader of the business, is interviewing potential candidates. If you’ve not had to do that before, that can be quite nerve-racking, all the more so for your first one.

And especially when you understand that this isn’t just an opportunity for you to interview your candidate, it’s also THEIR opportunity to interview you and get an idea of what you’re about as a business and whether they’d fit in.

So in this 15 minute episode, Eddie Smith from Euro Projects Recruitment – who work with a number of family run businesses to help them recruit and build a winning team – shares with me some of his top tips for facilitating a first class interview that gives you all the information you need to make an informed decision and leaves a really positive impression of you and the business on your candidates that stands you head and shoulders above of other businesses competing for the best people.

There’s some great tips in here that I would have loved to have know back in the day when I was interviewing candidates for the family business, so let’s dive in!

Listen to the audio or watch the full interview on YouTube below! 👌




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