Welcome to episode 43 and in this week’s brilliant business interview you’ll discover the following three entreprenuerial insights;

1) Which famous Rocky quote is just of true of business as it is of boxing.

2) Why a trade like bricklaying can literally take you anywhere in the world if you want it.

3) And why it’s not always about what a successful business can do for you, but what it enables you to do for others.

So, stay tuned for all of that and so much more on this week’s episode of the truth about business…!

In today’s episode, I talk business with Ian Hodgkinson.

After being inspired by his father in his younger years, Ian finished school at 15 and wasted no time in getting involved in the building trade with aspirations of one day being able to build his own house.

For the next two years he immersed himself in his work, perfecting his skills and mastering his craft when at the age of 18, as well as being one of the youngest ever lecturers at South East Derbyshire College, he decided to go it alone and became a self-employed builder.

Over the next three decades, Ian and his team worked hard to build an incredibly successful business which is on track to build 180 houses this year, has many impressive one-off projects under its belt, has been a regular feature on reality TV shows like “DIY SOS” and “Scrap Kings” and has also been involved in some fantastic charity projects that have made a real difference to the community.

As Ian so poetically puts it, this is the story of the bricklayer who got to meet the Queen.

To find out more about Ian and the services provided by the Hodgkinson Team, check out the “Connect With Ian” section below.

This was another brilliant interview with an inspirational entrepreneur who demonstrates what can happen when you work hard, have a positive attitude and take full advantage of the opportunities that life presents.

You know, success leaves footprints…

So, let’s take a walk with a businessman that will leave a lasting legacy not just with the houses he builds, but with the opportunities he creates for the people within his business and the communities he serves – This is Ian Hodgkinson.

Click “play” and get ready for “The Truth About Business”……



Connect With Ian:

Hodkinson Website: BrickLayers.com

Ian’s LinkedIn: HodkinsonBuilders

Ian’s Twitter: @HodgkinsonBuild

Ian’s Instagram: @HodgkinsonBuild

Resources Mentioned:

(Article) The Allenton Big Build will see £300,000 worth of work carried out at St Martin’s Church and Community Centre in a DIY SOS style project which is being led by Derby Homes, and Ilkeston brickie Ian Hodgkinson of Hodgkinson Builders.

Notable Quotes:

“You can take your trowel and go absolutely anywhere in the world”

“I’ve never really been bothered by what people think of me”

“Always do business with a smile on your face”

“I always hire on attitude”

“The good times will come back and they always do”

“It’s not all about success and money it’s about what you can do in the wider society”

“As one door closes ten open”

“Be positive, have a great attitude and be humble”

“If you’ve got the right people in your business doing the right things, it just happens”

“Don’t micro-manage. If you have to micro-manage you’ve got the wrong person in your business”

“Go for it, have confidence about what you’re doing and never give up”



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