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In this article we’re going to take a look at why it’s so important to check in every once in a while to make sure you’re on the right track and if neccessary – readjust and relaunch…

When you’re in the zone and powering towards your goals, time will speed by at a rate of knots like you won’t believe.

Before you know it, 6 months has passed and it felt like only a couple of weeks!

Time flies when you’re unstoppable.

The important thing is that every now and again, you take a couple of hours to take stock of where you are and make any necessary adjustments.

These adjustments might be to the actions you’re taking as you find out that some things work better than others.

Maybe new opportunities present themselves that you hadn’t previously accounted for but actually help you move towards your goals faster.

Or they might be adjustments to your long term vision as you go through new experiences and decide that you’d like to make a course change.

Either of those is absolutely fine.

But what’s dangerous about not checking in with yourself is investing huge amounts of time, energy and resources into activities that don’t take you towards your goals, and could actually be pushing them further away.

Are you making good enough progress on the goals that matter?

Are you getting in front of the right people?

Are you taking advantage of the right opportunities?

Are there opportunities you’ve missed and need to go back to?

Are you consistently stepping up your game, pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone or have you fallen back in to “coast” mode?

Does all of the above take you in the direction that you want your life to follow?

Whether it’s weekly, monthly or quarterly – get some dates and reminders set in your calendar so you don’t forget to give yourself a bit of time to get out of “productivity” mode and review your progress.

It will probably feel like wasted time, especially when you’re on fire – but it can and will save you from going off in totally the wrong direction and investing heavily into efforts that don’t contribute towards you becoming a high performance, high achiever.

To make this process one that you can really enjoy and really take it to the next level, team up with an “accountability buddy.”

Find someone who has the same mindset, aspirations and attitude and review both your progress together.

That way you get to share your successes and celebrate your wins with someone who is on the same path as you, as well as getting some much needed encouragement and morale boosting when things aren’t going the way you’d like them too.

And of course it works vice-versa.

It doesn’t matter whether you meet at one another’s house, at the local coffee shop, over the phone or via a zoom – it can be anyone, anywhere in the world.

Having a partner in crime will boost your accountability, motivation and ownership of your progress.

Slowing down to reflect when you’re moving so fast seems counter-intuitive.

But giving yourself the time to review your progress will help you get there faster and more efficiently.

Schedule some sesssions in to your calendar and treat it as sacred time.

You’ll be glad you did.


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