Welcome to episode #37 and in this week’s brilliant business interview you’ll discover the following three golden entrepreneurial insights;

1) Why daring to dream and believing that nothing is impossible unlocks a whole new level of possibility and opportunity.

2) The importance of making calculated, data backed decisions and not just going with your gut.

3) The downsides of working with the wrong venture capital partners and the devastating effect it can have on your business.

In today’s episode, I talk business with Graham Mulholland.

Graham started his first business at the age of 23 after he had just missed out on qualifying for the Olympic Canoeing Team.

Armed with nothing but a phone and a huge amount of self-belief, Graham stayed true to the high performance disciplines from the world of elite sport that had been drilled into him over the prior years and hit the ground running, operating from his parent’s house where he was still living at the time.

Graham and his team grew EPM Technology to impressive heights, supplying specialist composite materials to three quarters of Formula One teams and being involved in amazing projects like the Aston Martin DBS for Daniel Craig in Casino Royale and building the world’s largest free standing LED screen for a U2 world tour.

But then in 2017, things took a turn for the unexpected and Graham was escorted off the premises of the business that he had poured his heart and soul into by security, for what he expected would be permanently.

But in a further twist of events, two years later Graham managed to take back control, completely turned around what had become a failing business and the team at what is now the Mulholland Group is daring to dream again with some mind-blowing projects underway which could be absolute game-changers for the region

To find out more about Graham and the team check out the “Connect With Me” section below.

This was another brilliant, candid interview with a truly inspirational entrepreneur who doesn’t hold back and shows what you can achieve when you truly believe that anything is possible and you dare to dream BIG.

You know, success leaves footprints…

So, let’s take a walk with a super successful entrepreneur and all round inspiration, Graham Mulholland!

Click “play” and get ready for “The Truth About Business”……




Connect With Graham:

Mulholland Group Website: Mulholland.Group

Graham’s LinkedIn: /in/GrahamMulholland

Resources Mentioned:

(Book) Management In 10 Words – Terry Leahy

(Book) How To Win – Clive Woodward

Notable Quotes:

“The harder you work, the more you get”

“When everybody says you can’t do something, you bloody can do it. There’s nothing that you can’t do”

“You’ve got to work hard. I’m afraid that someone doesn’t come along and say Hey Graham, you’re a nice guy, here’s a bag of luck!”

“If you’re not in front of your customer, somebody else is”

“It’s all about the people. You get people around you as quickly as possible that have the skills that you don’t”

“You’ve got to protect that company registration number at all costs”

“When the business is growing, you can have a person working with you that does wonders when you’re at £1million a year, but is completely lost when you’re at £6million.”

“Have the right people and insist on having the right data, don’t trust a gut feel”

“When you’re supplying Formula One, you’re making the impossible possible”

“You bring the pound back from wherever in the world it comes from, back to Derby, and your job as the business owner is to distribute that pound to the employees”

“TCUP – Think clearly under pressure”

“Have a plan, accept you might not stick to the plan and have resilience”.



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