In this week’s episode you’ll discover these three business insights;

1) Why there’s no good time to start a business and age is just a number

2) How persevering when the whole world seems against you can be the best thing you ever do

3) The power of visualisation and the impact it’s made on today’s guest.

So, stay tuned for all of that and so much more on this week’s episode of the truth about business!

In the following interview, I talk business with Francesca Tricarico.

After realising that it’s never too late to start, Fran went back to college and graduated as a qualified accounting technician at the age of 29 after working several jobs and having two children.

Whilst working at a successful accountancy firm, Francesca could no longer contain her passion for helping others and her desire to do things differently – so she left the comfort of a regular paycheque to start her own accountancy firm along with her business partner and created Future Cloud Accounting.

Since launching the business back in April 2019, Future Cloud is going from strength to strength, now looking for their fifth member of the team to join their adventure and having just recently moved into their new headquarters.

Many of you might already know of Fran from her increasingly popular #thejourneyisreal videos on LinkedIn where she has been sharing her own journey from day one through a daily, warts and all vlog series.

To find out more about Fran and the Future Cloud Journey, you can find contact details in the “Connect With Fran” section below.

This was another brilliant interview with an inspirational entrepreneur who is here to show us all that if you really want something bad enough, there is nothing that can stop you.

You know, success leaves footprints…

So, let’s take a walk with the passionate and enthusiastic accountancy trailblazer, Francesca Tricarico.

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Connect With Fran:

Fran’s LinkedIn: @Francesca Tricarico MAAT

Fran’s Twitter: @FTricarico

NYP Social Network Facebook: @NYPsocial

NYP Social Network Website:

Resources Mentioned:

(Book) The Chimp Paradox – Prof Steve Peters

(Book) Mindset – Changing The Way You Think To Fulfil Your Potential – Dr. Carol S. Dweck

(Book) Traction – Get A Grip On Your Business – Gino Wickman

Show Notes:

[03:00] Fran talks about the speciality of Future Cloud Accountants and what happens when businesses get it right.

[04:00] Fran talks about some of the things that she commonly sees businesses getting wrong.

[04:30] Fran talks about a client where they’ve gone in and made a big difference.

[06:00] Fran talks about some of the things you should look for in your accountant.

[07:20] Fran gives an insider tip to help people improve their accounting.

[08:00] Fran talks about her journey leading up to the launch of Future Cloud and the changes she had to make to her lifestyle.

[16:18] Fran talks about the entrepreneurial traits from her earlier years and her family history of business owners.

[18:00] Fran talks about when she discovered she had a passion for what she does.

[18:40] Fran talks about how she knew there would be a market for her business.

[19:15] Fran talks about some of the ways she differentiates herself from the competition.

[20:00] Fran talks about the biggest challenge she’s faced so far.

[20:40] Fran talks about some of the ways she markets herself and her #thejourneyisreal vlogs.

[23:10] Fran talks about the size of the team and when they decided to bring on board their first employee.

[24:00] Fran talks about the type of people she looks for when growing the team.

[24:40] Fran talks about the origins of the business name.

[25:52] Fran talks about the parts of business that she enjoys and those that she’s not so keen on.

[27:44] Fran talks about her proudest moments in business so far.

[29:45] Fran talks about how visualising has been a critical part of her journey.

[33:23] Fran talks about her networking group NYP Social.

[35:09] Fran talks about some of her personal ambitions.

[37:01] Fran describes how a typical day pans out and the routines that have helped her.

[41:09] Fran talks about some of the attributes she feels are required to be successful in business.

[43:40] Fran talks about some of her own strengths and weaknesses.

[45:44] Fran talks about some of the things she thinks people should know before starting a business.

[46:47] Fran talks about how she overcomes the moments of doubt that occur.

[47:00] Fran talks about some of the pros, cons and sacrifices she’s had to make to get to where she is.

[48:27] Fran talks about the best advice she’s received and what she would pass on to her 21 year-old self.

[50:25] Fran talks about her reading habits and some of the books she’d recommend.

[51:43] Fran tells us what she’d call a book about her own journey so far.

[51:59] Fran talks about some of the people that inspire her and how to use social media to help you move closer towards your goals.

[53:44] Fran talks about the three things she’d pass on to someone about to start in business.

[54:50] Fran talks about where to find her online.