This is “The Truth About Business”, and it’s my mission to seek out real-life business champions to explore and share their challenges, setbacks, failures and triumphs to serve as inspiration, motivation and help other like-minded business people and entrepreneurs to fast track their own success…

In this episode, I talk with Estelle Read, sole owner of “beee”, a fantastic, results-driven business that she runs from the comfort of her own home in Lount, Derbyshire.

As a seasoned and highly knowledgeable Executive coach and trainer who works with businesses of all shapes and sizes and the executives within them, Estelle’s mission is to bring out your brilliance, something that she believes is within every single one of us.

This was a truly fascinating interview and for anybody out there who feels that they have so much more to give but just can’t seem to unlock their full potential, this is most definitely one for you.

Amongst many other business gems included in the interview, my own top three takeaways include:

  • Estelle’s journey to becoming her own boss
  • Why it pays to listen to feedback, but always stay true to yourself
  • And some of the incredible technologies, as Estelle puts it, that are at your disposal to help you free yourself from the mental shackles that are holding you back and become unstoppable

To find out more about Estelle, you can check out all the links to her social media accounts and contact details in the “Connect With Estelle” section below.

And there’s a whole lot more, Estelle really delivered in the hour we spent together so get yourself ready with a notepad and pen handy because you’re going to need it.

You know success leaves footprints…

So let’s take a walk with Executive Coach & Trainer and literal “magician of the mind”, Estelle Read.

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Connect With Estelle:

beee Company Website:

Estelle’s LinkedIn: @Estelleatbeee

Estelle’s Twitter: @Estelleatbeee

Estelle’s Youtube: Estelle Read

Resources Mentioned:

(Book) Building A Story Brand – Donald Miller

(Book) StrenghsFinder 2.0 – Tom Rath

(Book) The Gorillas Want Bananas – Debbie Jenkins & Joe Gregory

(Book) Rich Habits – Thomas C Corley

Show Notes:

[02:45] When Estelle first realised she had a flair for coaching.

[04:00] How Estelle followed that talent but why it didn’t happen right away.

[05:00] The trigger that led to Estelle deciding to launch her own business and the series of events leading up to the launch of beee.

[06:32] Why Estelle ended up in the woods in a shed for two days.

[07:15] Estelle’s first visualisations and how they came to fruition.

[07:46] Estelle talks about NLP and its applications to business.

[09:40] The importance of emotional intelligence and the difference it makes to your salary.

[12:40] The over-arching limiting belief that we all have.

[14:00] The “imprint years” and how that affects us for the rest of our lives.

[19:00] A summary of “Havening” and how it can help demolish your limiting beliefs.

[27:40] The journey from Estelle making the decision to setup on her own and the feelings that went along with it.

[28:16] How Estelle started to build up a client list before she launched on her own.

[29:40] Why you have to have a vision of where you want to be in the future.

[33:00] How it felt the day before Estelle launched as beee.

[35:00] Some of the lessons Estelle learned early on.

[37:00] How Estelle found her first clients.

[39:20] Why you should turn clients away even early days if you know you can’t deliver.

[40:40] How Estelle differentiated herself from competing businesses.

[41:45] Why just being true to yourself can be enough to be different.

[43:06] Estelle talks about the attributes that have contributed towards her success.

[45:00] The pros and cons to being a one-person business.

[48:00] Tips on being in business with your significant other.

[49:00] Estelle talks about her experiences and lessons learned with vlogging.

[53:00] Why a mission, vision and company values are essential for a business to progress.

[58:00] How affirmations have helped Estelle to break outside of her comfort zone.

[59:53] The advantages of working with an Executive Coach.

[01:01:00] The common mistakes that Estelle sees business committing that hold them back.

 [01:03:28] What makes a good coach within a business.

[01:05:00] Estelle shares what holds high-performance people back from reaching their full potential.

[01:06:00] What separates high-performance people from everyone else.

[01:08:01] The reasons Estelle decided to start writing a book and the challenges she’s faced so far.

[01:11:21] The book that Estelle would recommend to a first -time business owner if she could only pick one.

[01:12:47] Estelle talks about her proudest moments in business so far.

[01:13:53] How Estelle deals with the challenges in business.

[01:14:33] What Estelle would do differently if she could start again from day one.

[01:15:00] Is having a passion for what you do, or generating income more important in starting a business.

[1:15:57] What the future holds for Estelle and beee.

[01:17:06] Why growing as big as possible as quickly as possible isn’t right for everyone.