For this special episode of Adversity To Prosperity, and a real highlight of my podcasting journey so far, once again I team up with scale-up expert and high growth business coach Neale Lewis to provide great content and thought provoking ideas to help entrepreneurs, leaders and business owners to successfully make it through the lockdown…

This week, I was truly humbled to also be joined by eight briliant entrepreneurs who have all featured as guests on “The Truth About Business” and they once again joined me to talk candidly about their own businesses and provide some amazing insights to help the wider business community.

With such a fantastic calibre and esteemed group of business owners representing a variety of industries and coming in all shapes and sizes, I knew that this was going to be a rountable discussion that packed a punch – but the results far outweighed my own high expectations.

For anybody who is feeling the pinch of the lockdown and is struggling to see how they can make it through the other side, this conversation right here is what you need to hear.

I want to give a massive “Thank You!” to this week’s guests including my co-host Neale Lewis who has been instrumental in putting this series together.

And if you enjoy, please give these guys and gals a follow and drop them a note to let them know what you thought!

So, joining us on this one was:

Sean Price @ Velez Managed Services
Jim Thorp @ JT Ethos
Francesca Tricarico @ Future Cloud Accounting
Lee Marples @ Think3
Stephen Goddard & Philip Brooks-Stevenson @ KuKu Connect
Dean Jackson @ HUUB Design
Kevin Huffington @ Central Health Network

The main topics we cover in this hour long mastermind include what other businesses have done to deal with the lockdown so far, what they’re plans are to see out the next few weeks and how they’re going to gear up for when the restrictions are lifted and we can get back to business as usual.

So, get your pen and paper ready or your Evernote fired up, click play below and let’s dive in!




Resources Mentioned:

(Book) Profit First – Mike Michalowicz



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