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In this week’s episode I talk business with Ed Hollands

Ed is the founder of the truck advertising specialist firm Driven Media who help to get their advertisers in front of over 55,000 people per day in an innovative and eye-catching way.

Having just been named as the creative industries entrepreneur of the year for the Midlands region, Ed also belongs to the exclusive club of entrepreneurs who not only makes it on to Dragons Den, but also walked away with a deal and an incredibly experienced Investor as part of his team.

After Ed had received a number of compliments about his entrepreneurial ambitions from all of the dragons, it was Northern girl, Jenny Campbell, who decided to back Ed and invested £30,000 for 20% of his company.

The video of the pitch on the Dragon’s Den channel has recently been republished on Youtube and already has almost 640,000 views.

Amongst many other things, in this episode you’ll discover:

1) Some of the misconceptions about being on the Dragons Den

2) Ed’s top three tips for pitching to investors

3) The difficulties of being a young entrepreneur

And there is so much more.

To find out more about Ed and the team, all of Ed’s contact details can be found in the “Connect With Ed” section below.

This was another brilliant interview with yet another inspirational business champion that I thoroughly enjoyed and I hope you do too.

You know, success leaves footprints…

So, let’s take a walk advertising trail blazer and famed dragon tamer, Ed Hollands.

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Connect With Ed:

Driven Media Website: DrivenMedia.co.uk

Driven Media Twitter: @DrivenMediaUK

Driven Media LinkedIn: @DrivenMediaUK

Ed’s LinkedIn: @EdwardHollands

Resources Mentioned:

(Book) From Acorns: How To Build A Brilliant Business – Caspian Woods

Dragon’s Den Application Form

Youtube Video of Ed’s Den Appearance

Show Notes:

[02:35] Ed gives a summary of what his business is and his background before launching Driven

[04:30] Ed talks about where his inspiration for Driven came from

[05:00] Ed describes the journey from having the idea to launching as a business

[08:30] Ed talks about his transition from being employed to self-employed

[10:05] Ed talks about how long it took to take a wage from the business

[11:00] Ed talks about where he found his first paying client

[11:27] Ed talks about the lessons he learned from his initial marketing endeavours

[13:00] Ed talks about how he adds a special touch to becoming a customer of Driven

[13:55] Ed talks about how he separated himself from the competition

[15:10] Ed talks about his biggest challenge during his first 12 months

[16:00] Ed talks about what he’d do differently if he were to start again and his plans for the future

[17:20] Ed talks about how he applied for Dragon’s Den and the process leading up to being in front of the Dragons

[18:20] Ed talks about the misconceptions of being on Dragon’s Den

[19:20] Ed talks about how he valued his business and how long he was actually stood in front of the Dragons for

[23:12] Ed talks about his partnership with Jenny since the Den

[23:34] Ed talks about what he’d do differently if he could pitch to the Dragons again

[24:00] Ed gives his top tips on pitching too/working with investors

[25:15] Ed talks about the importance of mentors in his journey so far

[26:00] Ed talks about where to start if you’re looking for a mentor

[27:06] Ed talks about his public appearances and how he decides what to say “Yes” to

[28:05] Ed shares his top tips for being an engaging speaker

[28:40] Ed describes a typical day for him

[29:40] Ed talks about his biggest challenge in business so far

[30:20] Ed talks about the challenges of being a young entrepreneur

[30:52] Ed talks about the attributes he believes are required to be successful in business

[32:57] Ed talks about his own attributes that he feels have led to his success

[33:10] Ed talks about the misconceptions, pros and cons of being a business owner

[34:40] Ed talks about some of the sacrifices he’s had to make so far and what keeps him going

[35:31] Ed talks about the times when things aren’t going to plan and how he deals with them

[39:31] Ed talks about his proudest moments in business so far

[39:59] Ed talks about the most important part of his business journey so far

[40:36] Ed talks about some of his failures and what he learned from them

[41:40] Ed talks about his favourite business book

[42:11] Ed talks about the business people he looks up to

[43:12] Ed talks about what he likes to do when he gets some free time

[44:12] Ed talks about the advice he would give to his 21-year old self

[45:03] Ed talks about his participation in the Great British Entrepreneur of the Year awards

[45:50] Ed talks about his strengths and weaknesses in business

[46:50] Ed’s advice to anyone who is looking to start a business