Welcome to episode No.41 and in this week’s brilliant business interview you’ll discover the following three leadership and success insights;

1) A veteran tip that will lead to more productive and engaged 1-2-1’s with your team.

2) Why businesses should talk regularly to their teams about their professional, personal and financial goals.

3) Why hiring from within the business isn’t always the right thing to do when you’re in growth mode.

So, stay tuned for all of that and so much more on this week’s episode of the truth about business

In today’s episode, I talk business and leadership lessons with Dwight Strayer.

Dwight had a passion for computers from a young age and followed his love for IT into his first employed role where he joined as employee number four at a company which bought and resold used computer hardware.

It wasn’t long before he was asked to be a part of a five man team to launch a small IT services business called Service Express, where he joined the business as one of their very first field service engineers.

Fast forward 32 years and Dwight is now the Chief Operations Officer of a thriving IT business by the name of service express, having been instrumental in helping the organisation to achieve huge success over the years being recognised as one of the very best in the industry with a passionate, engaged team of over 400 people and an expected turnover this year of more $150,000,000!

To find out more about Dwight and Service express, check out the “Connect With Dwight” section below.

This was a brilliant interview with a passionate, ambitious and inspiring business leader who really delivers the playbook on how to carve yourself a super successful career and how to become an extraordinary leader of people who will give it everything they’ve got and go the extra mile.

Dwight really epitomises what can happen when you’re prepared to put in the work and not care who gets the credit for it whilst also having a deep-rooted passion for helping others to be all they can be in life

You know, success leaves footprints…

So, let’s take a walk with the brilliant COO and passionate leader of Service Express – Dwight Strayer.

Click “play” and get ready for “The Truth About Business”……




Connect With Dwight:

Service Express Website: ServiceExpress.com

Dwight’s LinkedIn: /in/DwightStrayer

Resources Mentioned:

(Book) 21 Irrefutable Laws Of Leadership – John C. Maxwell

(Audiobook) The E-myth: Taking Charge Of Your Business And Your Life – Michael Gerber

Notable Quotes:

“I always had really big dreams”

“You can have everything in life that you want if you help enough other people get what they want”

“You don’t get successful by stepping on people”

“I love being the number 2, the guy that makes the number 1 guy look great”

“Your income is going to be the average of the five people you spend the most time with”

“People that are successful are successful because they helped other people be successful”

“What are they (your leaders) great at and help them enhance that. What are they weak at and help them compensate for that”

“All i need is a phone and a cardboard box in the back corner of a warehouse and I’m gonna lead the heck out of this”

“I just always appraoch things from let’s just get it done, let’s do it well, let’s do it efficiently and lets have some fun”

“My goal was literally every day I was going to get 20 “Thank Yous””

“Our version of R&D is rip off and duplicate”

“Mike would always draw on the whieboard our four core objectives – excellent customer service, employeee engagement, margin retention, revenue growth – and every decision had to promote each one”

“If you have the right people and the right processes and you treat them well, they all multiply each other”

“People want to be a part of a winning team”

“We hire bigger than where we are because we know where we’re going”

“My definition of success is your striving towards a worthwhile goal and you’re making progress”

“Even if you don’t hit your goal but you still improve, it’s still a win”

“Don’t wait for a perfect plan, take action. Take a step and evaluate, take another step and evaluate and keep moving forward, don’t ever stop”

“People follow action, people follow clarity, people follow someone that makes things happen”



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