In this week’s episode of The Truth About Business, you’ll discover the following three insights:

1) Why you should always start with the end in mind when you launch your business.

2) Why sometimes, to get further, faster you actually have to slow down.

3) How you pick yourself up when your business literally burns down to the ground.

So, stay tuned for all of that and so much more on this week’s episode of “The Truth About Business”…

In this week’s episode, I talk business with Deborah Labbate.

Deborah started her entrepreneurial career straight out of college back in the early 80’s when she and her father started a self-drive hire business, growing it from a standing start to a fleet of 100 plus vehicles and two petrol stations, AND successfully suing a major multinational corporation along the way.

After selling her business, literally the day before her two twin boys were born, and taking a career break to look after her family, Deborah soon got the itch back and after a number of successful positions and appointments, decided to use her own experience and business knowledge to help others succeed.

Today, Deborah is the unstoppable force behind Deborah Labbate where she serves as an adviser and consultant to help ambitious businesses of all shapes and sizes go further, faster.

Deborah is also a published author, has organised and hosted several excellent business events and  has served as the president of the Nottingham City Business Club.

To find out more about Deborah and the services she provides, check out the “Connect With Deborah” section below.

This was another brilliant interview with an inspirational entrepreneur who is the personification of not taking “no” for an answer and always finding a way.

You know, success leaves footprints…

So, let’s take a walk with the determined and resilient, lifelong entrepreneur – Deborah Labbate.  

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Connect With Deborah:

Deborah’s Website:

Deborah’s LinkedIn: /in/DeborahLabbate

Deborah’s Twitter: @DeborahStar

Deborah’s Facebook: @Deborah.Labbate

Deborah’s Personal Twitter: @DeborahLabbate

Deborah’s Personal Facebook: @Deborah-Labbate

Resources Mentioned:

*FREE DOWNLOAD* The One Big Mistake People Unwittingly Make When It Comes To Time Management And How To Avoid It – Deborah Labbate

(Book) Eat That Frog – Brian Tracy

(Book) What Matters Most: The Power Of Living Your Values – Hyrum W. Smith