Welcome to episode #35 and in this week’s brilliant business interview you’ll discover the following three golden entrepreneurial insights;

1) How to break into a fiercely competitive global market as a newcomer even with all the odds seemingly stacked against you.

2) Why taking a risk and hiring people for the business you want to become can be a total game changer and spark exponential growth.

3) The dangers of spreading yourself too thin and why you should always play to your strengths.

In today’s episode, I talk business with Dean Jackson.

Dean’s first venture into entrepreneurship, and a sign of things to come, was at the age of 19 when he followed his passion and together with a business partner opened The Derby Runner, a specialist running shop which although Dean left a couple of years later, is still going strong today.

Dean then spent the next three decades honing his craft, working inside the performance and sport trade. Working alongside some of the finest brands on the planet and meeting some of the world’s best athletes, Dean built for himself an incredible list of contacts and a deep knowledge of the industry that few others possessed.

When he parted ways from his last employed position, he decided that it was time to play to his strengths. Out of sheer desperation to be able to pay the mortgage and provide for his family, he stacked as many of the odds in his favour as he could and launched a brand-new sportswear brand in a fiercely competitive market with huge marketing budgets, from his garage.

That brand was HUUB and since turning over half a million pounds in his first 9 months of trading, Dean and his team have built the business into a worldwide brand that is synonymous with a variety of performance sports and boasts global sporting icons such as the Brownlee bothers, Henri Schoeman and Ricahrd Varga amongst its huge roster of brand ambassadors.

To find out more about Dean and the team at Huub, check out the “Connect With Dean” section below.

This was another brilliant, candid interview with a truly inspirational entrepreneur who shows that if you have a dream and you have the drive, obsession and determination to make it happen, anything is possible.

You know, success leaves footprints…

So, let’s take a walk with a true legend of Derby business, a high performance entrepreneur and athlete himself and owner of HUUB, Dean Jackson.

Click “play” and get ready for “The Truth About Business”……




Connect With Dean:

HUUB Website: HUUBDesign.com

HUUB Instagram: @HUUBDesign

HUUB Twitter: @HUUBDesign

Dean’s LinkedIn: /in/DeanJackson

Resources Mentioned:


(Book) Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the Creator of Nike – Phil Knight

SwimSmooth – The Swimming Coaching System That Helped Launch HUUB

Notable Quotes:

“Failure never even entered my head because I couldn’t let failure happen.”

“You’ve got to have hunger and the desparation to make it happen. If you can pay your mortgage, you’re not hungry.”

“Have an intimate knowledge of whatever you’re going to do.”

“Make a list of what you’re good at. Make a list of the things that you’re crap at and make sure you cover the things that you’re crap at.”

“Be nice to everyone on the way up because you might need it on the eway back down.”

“Dean get the very best Co-Driver you can. You’ve got no problem with driving at speed and maybe you can drive too fast. You need a Co-Driver to tell you where the corners are, when to slow down, when to accelerate and when to manage your skills.”



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