The hardest part about this week’s episode was picking just three highlights because today’s guest really delivered the goods with a value packed interview. So here goes…

1) Why if you have to ask yourself if you want to start a business, it’s not right for you.

2) Where the truly great business ideas come from and why many businesses fail

3) How to really engage your audience and generate more sales by delivering the right message, at the right time, on the right platform

So, stay tuned for all of that and so much more on this week’s episode of The Truth About Business!

In the following interview, I talk business with Damon Bullimore.

Damon’s career started when he was taken on by the Royal Mail as a junior programmer whilst studying for his sandwich degree at Nottingham University.

At just 22 years of age, he was responsible for the Royal Mail’s first transactional website which facilitated over £1.2 billion worth of income per year.

After Royal Mail was bought out, he got involved with crowd flow for football clubs and with his partner sat in a back bedroom and developed ScanGate, a software that was installed at many of the lower league football teams for monitoring crowds.

Following that Damon sold out an international software business, in the midst of commuting weekly between the UK and South Africa and shortly after became Managing Director of Ashley Adams, a well known Derbyshire Estate Agency firm.

Now, Damon is a founder and the CEO of, a fast-growing, multi-channel marketing platform that is backed by the likes of Derby County Football Club owner, Mel Morris and was at one point Deloittes 4th fastest growing technology company in the UK.

To find out more about Damon and the team at BriefYourMarket, all the contact details can be found in the “Connect With Damon” section below.

In this jam-packed episode, Damon and I cover his own success journey, the lessons he’s learned along the way and some refreshingly honest business home truths.

It turned out to be another brilliant interview with an inspirational entrepreneur who doesn’t believe in “It can’t be done”.

You know, success leaves footprints…

So, let’s take a walk with an extremely accomplished businessman and serial entrepreneur, Damon Bullimore.

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Connect With Damon & The Team:

BriefYourMarket Website:

BriefYourMarket Twitter: @BriefYourMarket

BriefYourMarket Facebook: @BriefYourMarket

Damon’s LinkedIn: @DamonBullimore

Resources Mentioned:

(Book) 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People – Stephen Covey

(Book) Start With Why – Simon Sinek

Standout Quotes:

“You don’t become a legend in your own lunchtime.”

“Learn like you’re going to live forever and live like you’ll die tomorrow.”

“With only vision, you get emptyness. With action and no vision, you get short-mindedness. With action and vision, you can change the world.”

“Data is powerful but what happens if you envoke imagination.”

(Article) Mel Morris invests in

Show Notes:

[03:40] Damon talks about what BriefYourMarket is all about and why it works.

[04:55] Damon talks about why the right message at the right time on the right platform makes such a huge difference.

[05:40] Damon talks about the benefits of getting automated, multi-channel marketing right.

[06:50] Damon talks about some of the ways that businesses using this form of marketing get it wrong.

[8:30] Damon talks about examples of great businesses that are using the service well and why driving traffic to websites is so important.

[11:00] Damon talks about why SME’s have been slow to master this type of communicating with customers.

[12:10] Damon gives his one tip that the audience could implement right now to better their marketing efforts.

[13:05] Damon talks about his career leading up to the launch of BriefYourMarket.

[15:06] Damon talks about how he got his first job at Royal Mail.

[15:37] Damon talks about the origins of his passion for writing code and technology.

[16:27] Damon talks about whether he always saw himself as becoming a business owner and how his father inspired him growing up.

[17:40] Damon talks about some of the earlier signs that he would eventually go on to become a successful entrepreneur.

[18:20] Damon talks about how he knew there was a market for the business.

[19:50] Damon talks about how the name for the business was chosen.

[20:27] Damon talks about where he found his first paying customer and why feedback early on is crucial.

[21:16] Damon talks about how they separate themselves from the other marketing platforms available at the time.

[22:03] Damon talks about the biggest challenges he faced during the early stages of the business.

[22:23] Damon describes the meaning behind “You don’t become a legend in your own lunchtime”.

[24:00] Damon expands on the unique challenges faced growing from 25 people to 50.

[25:40] Damon talks about the type of people he looks for to bring on board and why attitude over aptitude is so important to him.

[26:24] Damon talks about how he manages to retain great people once they’re on board.

[27:32] Damon talks about the parts of business he enjoys the most and the parts he doesn’t.

[28:42] Damon talks about his proudest moments in life and in business so far.

[30:00] Damon talks about what he would change if he could go back to the launch of BriefYourMarket.

[31:00] Damon talks about the ways he boosts his self-confidence when he has the moments of doubt.

[31:45] Damon describes what the future looks like for BriefYourMarket and his own personal aspirations.

[33:40] Damon talks about a typical day in his life and the routines and habits that he sticks to.

[36:11] Damon talks about some of the toughest decisions he’s had to make in business.

[37:11] Damon talks about some of his own attributes that have contributed to his own success.

[38:40] Damon talks about some of the misconceptions of being a business owner.

[39:30] Damon expands on some of the sacrifices he’s had to make to get to where he is.

[40:28] Damon talks about his worst entrepreneurial moments so far and why you have to fail.

[41:52] Damon talks about some of the best advice he’s received and what he would pass on to his 21-year old self if he could give him one piece of advice.

[43:45] Damon talks about his reading habits, the books he’d recommend and the lessons he learned from them.

[45:56] Damon tells us what he’d call a book about his own business journey.

[47:05] Damon talks about some of the people he’s been inspired by and the business titans that are also involved in the business.

[49:00] Damon talks about how to find a great mentor and the type of people that mentors look for.

[50:36] Damon talks about some of the quotes that he keeps close to his heart.

[52:05] Damon summarises with three key pieces of advice that he’d pass on to someone who is about to start in business for themselves.

[53:06] Damon shares where we can connect with him and the team online.