In this episode Chris Black, Managing Director at Sound Leisure, takes us back to the late 70’s when his father started with nothing but work ethic and a vision and has since then gone on to build an incredible family business that continues to innovate and reach new heights over four decades later…

Welcome to the NXTGEN show where it’s my mission to share the stories of next-generation, business owners, CEOs and leaders from family run businesses of all shapes and sizes around the world.

In this episode of the NXTGEN show I get to pick the brains of Chris Black.

Chris is the managing Director of Sound Leisure who hand-make the most incredible 60’s and 70’s style jukeboxes that you’ve ever seen and they’re on of only two businesses on the planet that make them.

Chris’ father, Alan, first launched the business back in 1978 and with nothing but a vision, hard work, determination and a whole bunch of passion, the business has now grown into an incredible family business that employs over 70 people with a Main factory in leeds and manufacturing plant in Nottingham and now exports their show-stopping jukeboxes to over 30 countries with an amazing roster of clients.

Chris gives us an amazing insight into how to build a successful family business. And he should know, Chris works alongside his father, brother, wife and eldest son! And we also hear how the company has had to continue to innovate and reinvent itself over the years as music trends change from vinyl, to CD, to digital and all the way back full-circle to vinyl again.

So, without further adieu, let’s get into another brilliant business interview with an inspiring, passionate, next generation leader and champion of UK manufacturing.

This is Chris Black! 🔥

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