In this episode, Chloe Wright takes us on her journey from joining the family businesses after leaving University, to stepping out on her own and building a growing business empire whilst travelling the world...

Welcome to the NXTGEN show where it’s my mission to share the stories of next-generation, business owners, CEOs and leaders from family run businesses of all shapes and sizes around the world.

In today’s episode, I was joined by Chloe Wright.

Chloe started out by almost reluctantly helping out in a number of the family businesses after she finished up at university whilst she figured out her own direction.

She ended up sticking around and since then has gone on to launch a number of her own businesses with her partner Louis. Most notably a successful fulfilment business and Avocardo – an online sustainable greeting card shop which plants a tree for every card that’s bought.

From day one, Chloe and Louis’ intention was to build businesses to support their lifestyle, and not have their lives dictated by their businesses.

And because of that, in 8 weeks time they’ll be setting off around the world with no return date – whilst still maintaining complete control of their growing business empire, remotely – wherever they are on the planet.

So, to find out how they managed to do that, to discover the perks of having a successful business coach for a father and soak up some brilliant insights that Chloe shares from her business journey so far – which is only just getting started – let’s jump in to another brilliant interview with a trail blazing, next generation entrepreneur.

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