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In this week’s episode we talk to Chloe Maudsley.

Once a high-performance athlete herself competing at a world level in Karate, Chloe now heads up the operations at the Derbyshire Institute of Sport which hunts down the best amateur sporting talent in the county and pushes them through to the very top of their sport – competing in world level competitions, the Olympics and beyond.

Being the only business of its kind in the UK, the D.I.S relies on sponsorships from businesses to support their roster of 30 elite athletes and with big plans to take their model nationwide, this conversation is a fascinating look at the parallels between the high-performance sporting world, and business.

Amongst many other things in this episode, you’ll discover;

1) The beliefs and attitudes that separate truly high-performance individuals from the rest of us

2) If being a high-performer is something you are just born with or whether you can develop it later on in life

3) How the team approaches telling athletes who have dedicated their life to their sport that they’re no longer good enough to be on the programme

And much, much more.

To find out more about Chloe and the team, all the links can be found in the “Connect With Chloe” section below.

This was another brilliant business interview with an inspirational business champion that I thoroughly enjoyed and I hope you do to.

You know, success leaves footprints…

So let’s take a walk with former elite athlete and head of operations at the Derbyshire Institute of Sport, Chloe Maudsley.

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Connect With Chloe:

D.I.S Website:

D.I.S Twitter: @DerbyshireIS

D.I.S. Instagram: @Derbyshire_Institute_Of_Sport

Chloe’s LinkedIn: @ChloeMaudsley

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Find out more about the D.I.S “Connect” evenings:

(Book) Will It Make The Boat Go Faster – Ben Hunt-Davis MBE

Show Notes:

[02:00] Chloe talks about what the Derbyshire Institute of Sport is all about and her career path leading up to the launch of the business

[03:26] Chloe talks about being a Community Interest Company (CIC)

[04:39] Chloe talks about how the business generates money through sponsorships, but not of the athletes

[05:40] Chloe talks about the reasons why businesses tend not to invest in amateur athletes and some of the costs involved in being an elite amateur sports person

[07:20] Chloe expands on some of the perks of being a supporter of the Derbyshire Institute of Sport

[10:04] Chloe talks about some of the services that the team provide to athletes and why their chances of success are significantly increased with their support

[13:51] Chloe talks about her motivation for building a company that is the only one of its kind

[15:42] Chloe talks about some of the well-known names that the business has supported

[18:23] Chloe talks about some of her challenges during the first 12 months of being in business

[20:24] Chloe talks about the biggest lessons that she learned in business during her first year at the Derbyshire Institute of Business

[21:32] Some of the attitudes and beliefs that make a high-performance person

[23:00] Chloe talks about whether it’s possible to become a high-performance person later on in life

[23:34] The challenges of working with high-performance people

[25:55] Some of the ways Chloe and the team get the most out of their athletes

[31:34] Choe talks about the benefits of tailoring their approach to the personalities of each individual athlete through their psychological profiling

[35:16] How Chloe and the team tell an athlete that they’re no longer good enough for the programme

[38:26] Chloe shares her feelings on talent versus hard work

[40:07] Chloe talks about some of the attitudes and beliefs of athletes that work well in business

[42:33] Chloe talks about sappers and why it’s important to remove them from your environment

[44:08] Chloe talks about what makes a great coach

[45:15] The attributes required to be successful in business

[45:50] The misconceptions of being a business owner

[46:10] Why pressure should be viewed as a privilege

[46:50] Some of the sacrifices Chloe has had to make so far

[48:10] Chloe talks about her favourite business/performance book

[48:50] Chloe’s advice to her 21 year-old self

[49:00] Chloe’s proudest moment in business and her biggest success

[50:00] The future plans for the team at the Derbyshire Institute of Sport

[51:23] Chloe talks about how to get involved with the “Connect” events at Derby Uni