In this week’s episode of The Truth About Business, I was joined by Neale Lewis and a panel of outstanding charity experts from seven brilliant organisations to discuss the challenges and opportunities that are faced by non-profit enterprises across the UK and beyond…

This is the first time I’ve published a “charity” episode having focused so far on traditional “for-profit” businesses. But as you’ll discover from this brilliant interview with a panel of passionate representatives, they are the very definition of “entrepreneurs”.

Resourcefulness, creativity and creating income from nothing is what our guests on this episode have to deal with on a daily basis, and that was before they were hit by the huge challenges and uncertainty brought about about by the lockdown.

The guests featured on this week’s show are:

Neale Lewis of Neale Lewis Associates
Will Turner at Derby County Community Trust
Tracy Harrison at Safe & Sound
Scott Lea at Treetops Hospice
Andrew Jackson at Upbeat Communities
Rachel Hayward at Annabel’s Angels
Phil Leigh at Faiths4Change
Matt Thomas at Brawl For A Cause

This was a brilliant roundtable discussion where we covered many topics with that hopes that other charities out there will be able to take note of some useful ideas, mindsets and thoughts to help them get through the next few weeks and come back from the lockdown in the strongest possible position – many of which could easily crossover into the traditional “businesses” arena.

So, click play and get ready for a special episode of “The Truth About Business”…




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