In this week’s episode you’ll discover…

1. How to build an engaged team and some insider tactics for getting some serious core values buy-in

2. Why fear of missing out at the launch of a business can hinder progression by chasing too many avenues, instead of really picking a lane and focusing on the few, not the many – which sounds counter intuitive.

3. Why we can never take a job for granted. Even if we’ve been with a huge corporate multiple billion dollar business for over two and a half decades.

So listen below for all of that and much, much more on this week’s episode of “The Truth About Business”….

In this episode I talk business with Andrew Deighton.

Andrew is the owner of AWD Development Solutions which specialises in improving focus, productivity, and capability by helping to build exceptional teams and develop exceptional team members and leaders.

After an accomplished and impressive 26 year career at Rolls Royce which included a four year stint in Singapore and delivering an HR service to over 2,000 people across 34 global locations, Andrew’s position was unexpectedly made redundant and he was faced with two choices.

Either take up another position within the company, or use his expertise, skillsets and passion to set up in business for himself.

He chose the latter and not only went on to build a successful business, but has also become a published author in the process and in this brilliant interview, we get into it all.

To find out more about Andrew and his services, all of Andrew’s contact details can be found in the “Connect With Andrew” section below.

You know, success leaves footprints..

So let’s take a walk with a published author and team building expert, Andrew Deighton.

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Connect With Andrew:

AWD Development Solutions Website:

Exceptional Team Blueprint Website:

Twitter: @AWDDevelopment

Andrew’s LinkedIn: @AndrewDeighton

Resources Mentioned:

(Andrew’s Book) The Exceptional Team Blueprint

(Book) Talk Like Ted – Carmine Gallow

“Massive Goal Principle” by David Hyner

(Networking Event) Marketing Derby

(Networking Event) KuKu Connect

East Midlands Chamber Of Commerce

Show Notes:

[03:24] Andrew talks about his speciality and the impact that has on businesses

[04:25] Andrew talks about the one thing that people should know about his speciality, but don’t

[08:00] Andrew talks about where businesses go wrong with trying to improve team engagement

[09:09] Andrew shares one thing that the listeners can implement after listening to the episode

[11:00] Andrew talks about the importance of company values and how to get it right

[13:57] Andrew summarises his career leading to the launch of his business

[16:17] Andrew talks about his earlier aspirations of being a business owner and entrepreneurial traits from his younger years

[17:26] Andrew talks about what held him back from becoming an entrepreneur

[18:00] Andrew talks about how he figured there was a demand for his service

[18:44] Andrew talks about how he found his first paying client

[19:22] Andrew talks about his most successful marketing activities and how he differentiated himself from the competition

[21:40] Andrew talks about his biggest challenges from the first 12 months of being in business

[22:50] Andrew talks about why he would focus on fewer areas to build more traction if he could start all over

[24:00] Andrew talks about the future plans for AWD Development Solutions and his own personal ambitions

[25:42] Andrew describes how a typical week pans out and what’s included

[29:51] Andrew talks about his morning routine including some great email and productivity hacks

[34:00] Andrew talks about activities he takes part in when he has some spare time

[35:15] Andrew talks about his biggest challenges in business so far

[37:30] Andrew talks about his proudest moments in business so far

[39:15] Andrew talks about his published book – “The Exceptional Team Blueprint”

[42:02] Andrew talks about the parts of business that he enjoys the most

[42:47] Andrew talks about the areas of business that he’s not particularly fond of

[43:18] Andrew talks about his attributes that have contributed the most towards his success

[44:00] Andrew talks about the beliefs and attributes that are essential to be successful in business

[45:21] Andrew talks about the misconceptions people have about being a business owner

[46:38] Andrew talks about the downsides of being a business owner

[47:44] Andrew shares the best piece of advice he’s received

[48:35] Andrew talks about the advice he’d give to his 21 year-old self

[49:15] Andrew talks about the one book he’d recommend to other entrepreneurs

[51:21] Andrew tells us what he’d title a book written about his own business journey

[52:54] Andrew shares his favourite business quote

[53:25] Andrew shares one resource he’d recommend the listeners check out

[54:35] Andrew tells us the three key pointers he’d give to someone about to start in business

[55:30] Andrew shares where we can find him and AWD Development Solutions online